10 Fire Prevention Tips that All Homeowners Should Follow

10 Fire Prevention Tips that All Homeowners Should Follow

 10 Fire Prevention Tips that All Homeowners Should Follow

10 Fire Prevention Tips that All Homeowners Should Follow

A lot of homeowners would say that it’s better to fall victim to a burglar than to a fire. It’s easy to see why this is the case. A burglar would take a lot of your belongings, but would also leave a lot behind because he needs to be in and out of there within minutes. On the other hand, a fire is under no time constraint. Unless stopped, a fire will consume all of your belongings.

This is why as a homeowner, you should follow fire prevention tips to drastically lessen your chances of falling victim to a fire. While it’s true that in some cases, it’s out of our hands, most fires could have been prevented if only proper preventive measures were followed.

Follow these Tips to Prevent a Fire

As a homeowner, always make sure to follow these fire prevention tips. These tips can save your home. Most importantly, they can save your most precious belonging – your family:

  1. Regularly have your home’s systems checked by a professional.

Most homes have several systems that help run the home. These include electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, dryer, fuel lines and the likes. In addition to making sure that they’re clean and working properly, they should be checked to make sure that they’re not fire hazards.

Speaking of the dryer, make sure that you have the vent checked regularly. Dryer fires are very common.

Having a professional do it may just be a good idea.

  1. Store flammable liquids properly.

Make sure that you store them in their approved containers. Store them outside your home. Whatever you do, don’t store them inside or under your home.

  1. Keep flammables out of the reach of children.

Children are natural explorers. They will play with just about anything, including matches and lighters. Make sure that they’re out of reach so they won’t get a chance to play with them.

  1. Use candles, lamps and the likes properly.

Sure, having scented candles burning can really improve the ambiance of a home. However, candles, along with lamps, can easily start a fire. Make sure that they’re far from curtains, wooden furniture, carpets and anything else that can start a fire.

Also, make sure that they’re out of reach of children. If you have pets, make sure that you secure them so that they won’t be bumped and start a fire.

Most importantly, never leave a burning candle or lamp unattended.

  1. Never leave the kitchen unattended if you’re cooking something.

Yes, there are relatively safe cooking appliances that you can leave unattended like crockpots. But as a general rule, never leave your cooking unattended. For starters, a running child can easily knock over whatever you’re cooking. On that note, make sure that the handle of the pan is inwards so that it’s not hanging outside the stove.

Being attentive to what you’re cooking will also help you act quickly in case there’s a kitchen fire. Grease fires can happen. On that note, make sure that you’re familiar with how to extinguish grease fires. Never use water to try and extinguish a grease fire because that will just spread a fire. Baking soda works best when it comes to extinguishing these.

  1. Be careful when you’re smoking in and around your house.

Did you know that fires caused by cigarettes are the leading cause of fire-related death? This is because a lot of the victims smoked in bed or when they’re sleepy or under the influence of alcohol.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that cigarette butts won’t cause a fire. This is why it’s highly-recommended that you run them under water to fully extinguish them.

For maximum fire prevention, just ban smoking inside the home.

  1. Don’t store combustible materials inside your home.

These include hay and straw. It’s also not a good idea to store old newspaper inside the home, especially near a source of fire like the kitchen.

  1. Be mindful of your usage of extension cords.

An extension cord is not meant to be for permanent use. Some homeowners use it as such. Worse, they even run them underneath the carpets. They’re not designed for permanent use and if you use them as such, they may start a fire.

In addition, don’t overload an extension cord. For that matter, don’t overload a socket. Avoid an “octopus connection”.

  1. Turn of all appliances at night and when leaving your home.

In addition to helping you save on your electricity bill, doing so can also help with fire prevention. An appliance that’s turned off and unplugged is a very unlikely source of fire.

  1. Install smoke alarms.

This can help warn you if there’s a potential fire happening. This way, you can stop it from happening or when there’s already a fire, it can warn you that you need to get out. Make sure that you check and test the smoke alarms regularly.

These 10 fire prevention tips are very important. Follow them and you can drastically lower the chances of you falling victim to a fire. Make sure that everyone in your household is aware of these tips and make sure that everyone follows them.

Additional Tips

These are not fire prevention tips but are very useful as well:

  1. Have a fire escape plan. Make sure that everyone in your family is aware of the plan. Practice the escape regularly.
  2. Avoid using double cylinder deadbolt locks.
  3. Don’t block potential escape routes like windows with big and hard-to-move furniture.
  4. If you must have safety bars for your windows, make sure that they can be opened from the inside.

With these tips, you can keep your family safe in the event of a fire. While following the 10 tips listed above can help with fire prevention, it’s still a good idea to have a means to escape. To get more information on fire safety, view this infographic on fire safety for kids published by Contractor Quotes.

To see the section of the infographic on fire prevention, you don’t even have to leave our website.


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