10 Summertime Desserts

10 Summertime Desserts


Summertime is officially here – and there’s just nothing better than a nice, cool, summertime dessert to help with the rising temperatures. We’ve compiled a list of 10 Summertime Desserts that would be perfect to make for a summer gathering or to just enjoy yourself at home! From Ice Cream, tarts, cakes, and even mousse – all of the options are covered! So sit back, relax, and sift through these nice cool summer desserts! Just click on the link below to be re-directed to the recipe page for more info on each one! And if you try one – please let us know how you liked it!

Be sure to check out some of our favorite summertime desserts here on the blog:


  1. Iced Coffee and Caramel Yogurt Pops
  2. Blueberry Pound Cake with Coffee Buttercream Summer Dessert: Make Homemade Pound Cake with Coffee, Blueberries and our homemade buttercream recipe: Blueberry Pound Cake with Coffee Buttercream
  3. Blueberry Shortcake with a S’mores Drizzle and Topped with Cool Whip

Blueberry Shortcake with a S'mores Drizzle and Topped with Cool Whip

10 Summertime Desserts:


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