10 Ways to Save Time Cleaning

It can sometimes feel like we just spend all of our time at home cleaning. For most of us, we do deep cleaning periodically and don’t look forward to spending hours doing it when the time comes. If we have family members that aren’t particularly great at helping us out, it can be extremely overwhelming. Everyone wishes they could spend less time cleaning and more time doing what they actually want, even if that’s just not cleaning for once. Here are some tips to help you save time cleaning around your home.


10 Ways to Save Time Cleaning

10 ways to save time cleaning


  1. Pick up each day. If you stay on top of keeping clutter down, you will spend less time cleaning overall. Just do 15 minutes each night.
  2. Skip cleaners that leave build-up. If you don’t you will eventually have to clean it off and this is wasted time.
  3. Keep cleaning products where you need them. Rather than keeping cleaning products in one location, consider placing duplicates in the rooms you use them in. This way you will not waste time going in and out of rooms gathering your supplies.
  4. Don’t take the lazy way out. If you spill something on the stove, wipe it up right away when its not dried on yet. Doing things like this take much less time in the long run.
  5. Stay organized. Keeping things organized in your home will help you avoid spending too much time cleaning around messes.
  6. Make goals and do a little bit each day. If you want your home to stay clean, you have to keep at it. Don’t strive for perfection, but don’t drop the ball, either. Just doing small amounts of cleaning each day can really save you time when you do your deep cleaning.
  7. Cut the clutter. One of the biggest ways to spend too much time cleaning is to own too much that needs cleaning. Try to downsize your belongings and you will see that you spend less time picking up in the end.
  8. Encourage family to partake. It can be really hard to get your kids to help out sometimes, but if you make it really easy, you just might have some luck. Leave glass wipes in the bathroom and ask them to wipe off the mirrors when they get out of the shower or spray some vinegar in the shower after each use in order to combat soap scum and mildew.
  9. Do a major cleaning project one time each week. Don’t feel like you need to do all of your big cleaning on one day each month. Save time and your back by tackling just one major cleaning task per week.
  10. Work with gravity. If you find yourself cleaning something twice, don’t. Instead, work from the top down. Don’t wipe the floor until you have cleaned the counters, for instance. There is no need to do something more than once.


What cleaning tips do you have to save time cleaning? Let me know in the comments!




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  1. January 7, 2016

    Good tips. I’m a big believer of cleaning the kitchen as you cook and keeping clutter down.

    • January 7, 2016

      Same here Erica! I did a huge declutter in my house over Christmas break.

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