12 Days Of Passion Ideas for Couples & Printable

12 Days Of Passion Ideas for Couples & Printable-4

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12 Days Of Passion Ideas for Couples & Printable

12 Days Of Passion Ideas for Couples & Printable

We’ve been married for over 15 years. And yes, there are times when the passion is just not there.

Hey, life happens. I’m sure we have all been there. Lately, we have been talking about ways to get the passion back and spend time doing it. With three kids, both working full-time, dog, kids’ activities, etc., “we” can easily take a backseat. I recently came across an article where a celebrity recently took a 90-day fast from having “relations” with his wife. He noted during the challenge, instead of focusing on “I’m going to get some,” he was able just to spend time with his wife without conditions.

Heck, you could say we have probably already completed this challenge many times over without even calling it a challenge.


With the holidays just around the corner, I am giving myself and everyone else out there to remember to take time out for you and your partner. I put together this list of ideas on how you can give a little “boost” to your passion or “drive”.

I’m sure many are familiar with the 12 days of Christmas song. Well, instead of singing a song, we’re going to put the 12 days of Passion into Action!

12 Days Of Passion Ideas for Couples & Printable-2


  1. Surprise him with a bubble bath. I’m sure your significant other would love to walk through the door with candles lined up the hallway, soft jazz playing, leading them all the way to the bathroom for a nice soak. And if you’re a guy reading this, women appreciate this. Psst, be sure to do something with the kids so that she can enjoy her bath in peace and quiet.
  2. Give her or him peace and quiet. Seriously. If taking the kids out to the movies, the park or over Grandma’s for a few hours to give your spouse a few hours of peace and quiet, she will love you forever. I say “she” because 99% of the time, it’s the moms who need a break to recharge! And maybe, just maybe, she’ll thank you later.
  3. Read together in bed. This may sound boring, but there is nothing sexier than listening to my husband read to me while I lay in his arms.
  4. Give your husband or wife some TLC by pampering them! The holidays is a busy time of year, and a good foot rub massage or back rub can go a long way!
  5. Take a shower. There’s something romantic to be said about taking a shower together. Bonus, there’s someone in the shower that can clean your back without grabbing the scrubber!
  6. Hang the mistletoe in an obvious place where you both walk by and take advantage of it! Purposely stand under the mistletoe and call your significant other into the room. A total make-out session could happen right there in the living room.
  7. Leave a trail. If your spouse works late at night or leaves the house for a few hours (purposely send them to the store), leave a trail of your freshly, laundered undergarments throughout the house, leading them to you. Tie yourself with a ribbon and a tag that says, “unwrap me to see what you find!”
  8. Breakfast in Bed. Who doesn’t love being able to sleep in, only to wake up to the fresh smell of coffee and bacon? Hello!
  9. Put together a collection of their favorite songs (Don’t forget to include the song you danced to at your wedding!). It’s always a thoughtful notion when you can come up with songs that he enjoys hearing. That’s telling your significant other that you are in-tune with what they like.
  10. Purchase something romantic. This could be new lingerie, new cologne, a new pair of knitted boxers. The list is endless with something. But find something that makes you feel attractive, or will make your partner feel downright hot!
  11. Create a scavenger hunt! Spend time writing down a few thoughtful notes of what you appreciate about your partner. Leave them with a clue to where they can find the next note. You could do this idea all at once, leaving the last clue to lead them to where you are hiding. Or you could do this idea of a period of the 12 days.
  12. Make Ice-Cream Sundaes or his/her favorite dessert. Or go out for a night on the town and stop by your favorite place to have dessert.
  13. Create a photo album for his eyes only. You could send one picture to his cell phone every day. Just be careful that you leave a little for the imagination.
  14. Send him or her a text message every day telling them which you love about them. Sometimes when you have been married for a time, you get distracted by life and can take your love for granted.
  15. Make him or her a love basket. In the love basket, write at least three things you love about him, include 12 Days of Passion Ideas for Coupons, some chocolate and of course, K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants® as a gentle reminder that the passion is still alive!

My husband and I are pretty open to ideas that will continue to keep our passion alive. As a mother of three boys, I need all the supplies I can get in my corner. We tried the K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®, and we were pretty pleased with results.

12 Days Of Passion Ideas for Couples & Printable-4

I stopped by my local Walmart to purchase the K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®. I was able to find a $2.00 off coupon, found here.

I was able to find K-Y® products in the Health section of Walmart, by the Pharmacy.

KY Yours Mine Touch Walmart

I took all of these ideas and placed them into a coupon booklet.

You can download your copy of the 12 Days of Passion Ideas for Coupons here.

12 Days of Christmas Romance

Get more information about K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants® and also find #KYTrySomethingNew ideas.

What are some things you do to “connect” or light the passion in your love life? Is there anything on this list I have missed? Have you tried any K-Y® products before, specifically K-Y® Yours+Mine® Couples Lubricants®?

I would love to hear what fuels your fire with your significant other! Leave me a comment below!


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  1. Robin Masshole mommy
    December 3, 2015

    I love all of your ideas. The scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun. I am going to have to try that 🙂

  2. December 3, 2015

    This is a great list of things to do as a couple! I will be using a few of these myself!

  3. LOVE these ideas! They are great. I am going to be try some of these myself. I also suggest sending the kids to grandma’s (or whoever) for the night if possible or even for a few hours.No little ones around allows for more one-on-one adult time!

  4. I love these ideas. I think I could get behind listening to my husband read some romantic poetry to me.

  5. December 3, 2015

    What great ideas for couples, I’ll send this along to those I know who would love the printable. I’m not married myself but if that day ever comes, I’ll print one out for me too.

  6. December 3, 2015

    These are wonderful ideas for maintaining that connection. Especially this time of year, it gets so crazy busy that it’s easy to forget about one another!

  7. December 3, 2015

    I love all these ideas. We do a few of these already! We are going to do a few more of what you mentioned here.

  8. December 3, 2015

    This is such a great idea!! Gotta keep the passion alive!!

  9. December 4, 2015

    It’s really important to keep the fire burning, that’s how the relationship lasts! When you continue to do things together as a couple, you also grow closer together.

  10. December 4, 2015

    We just got married and are in the “honeymoon” phase, but I love some of your ideas!! We need to start out with good “us” habits 🙂

  11. December 4, 2015

    These are fantastic ideas to spark some passion over the holidays. I love the printables.

  12. December 4, 2015

    Such cute ideas! After 16 years together I have to agree that there are times when the romance takes a backseat to life, our little one, and everything else in between. I love that this list is simple, realistic, and loving. I’m printing it as we speak … I may leave it out, on accident of course, for the husband to see as well. Thank you for the suggestions!

  13. Rebecca Swenor
    December 4, 2015

    These are all great passion ideas for couples for sure. I have to admit that the shower together is romantic but so is a bubble bath together by candle light. Thanks for the ideas and printables.

  14. December 5, 2015

    These are such great ideas. A lot of the times we are so stressed in our lives that we are not paying attention to our partners.

  15. Rosey
    December 5, 2015

    Mistletoe is great for initiating passion. ’tis the season. 🙂

  16. Bonnie @wemake7
    December 5, 2015

    What a very nice post. We have 5 kiddos so it’s always hard to find some us time but we try to do things for each other as much as we can.

  17. December 8, 2015

    I love the idea of 12 Days of Passion! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

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