2011- Still On This Journey…

Happy New Year everyone! It’s another year. Another chance to keep working on our desires, imperfections, and life! 2010 took our family on a wild roller coaster ride searching for answers. Although I believe we are still on that ride, I can see the end in sight! We will start this year with several appointments¬† with a Neurologist and other specialists seeking answers for both twins. I do believe that Zion scales closer to high-functioning/Asperger’s, while Ziah is just somewhere on the spectrum.

We tried Zion on prozac a few months back and noticed a small change. His spirits seemed to pick up and he wasn’t screaming and shouting at everyone. But that only lasted for a month. He was supposed to try the meds for a month, then go back off so we could see the difference. It was also discovered that paying $300 per month for a co-pay was not a feasible option in our budget. So we are back at square 1 on this issue. We will see what the Neruo-Pysch has to say when we say him this month.

Moving on… 2010 left me with some fears and doubts about what will happen to the twins in the future. However, I am optimistic! I have faith that God will help me through whatever struggle and challenge that we will face this year. I have also determined that I have to make some changes within myself so that I will be a greater use for my boys. I see their struggles on a daily basis. I see their frustrations. I am frustrated with them, and even at them! I want the best for them. I want answers. I want things to change. I dream of days that my twins were perfectly normal like other boys their age. Then I look at what other people go through. I read articles online, tweets, and face-book statues about people that are dealing with way worse situations.

Then I step back and thank God for what I have and I don’t have. I am blessed for the opportunity to be thankful for what I have. I am content. And I look forward to what its in store for 2011!

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