25 Amazing Apple Recipes

25 Amazing Apple Recipes

25 amazing apple recipes25 Amazing Apple Recipes

Fall is almost here which means crisp weather, cider mills, and one of my personal favorites – lots of apple picking! Apples are definitely a signature food for fall, so why not be prepared with this awesome list of 25 recipes? We’ve got everything from sweet to savory so you can satisfy the taste buds of anyone who gathers around your dining table. So go ahead and browse the list below and pick a few of these awesome recipes to try out on your own!

25 Amazing Apple Recipes:

      1. Sliced Cinnamon Apples / Simply {Darr}ling
      2. Mini Apple Dumplings / Mommy Musings
      3. Apple Cinnamon Crock Pot Pork / Love Always, Mommy
      4. Crock Pot Baked Apples / Love Always, Mommy
      5. Cinnamon Apple Pie Cones / The Pinning Mama
      6. Caramel Apple Pork Chops / Mommy Musings
      7. Healthy Raw Apple Snack / Love Always, Mommy
      8. Oatmeal Baked in an Apple / The Grant Life
      9. Sauteed Apple and Cranberry Oatmeal / The Grant Life
      10. Apple Snack Cake / Juggling Act Mama
      11. Butterfinger Caramel Apples / The Grant Life
      12. Apple Carrot Bread / Juggling Act Mama
      13. Mini Apple Pie Tarts / Juggling Act Mama
      14. Apple Pancakes with Brown Sugar Apple Compote / Juggling Act Mama
      15. Apple Pie / Martha Stewart
      16. Apple Cinnamon Tart / Martha Stewart
      17. Caramel Apple Cake / Food Network
      18. Apple Crisp / Food Network
      19. Glazed Apple Pie Squares / Taste of Home
      20. Apple Nut Bars / Taste of Home
      21. Overnight Apple Butter / MyRecipes
      22. Apple Upside-Down Cake / MyRecipes
      23. Cream Cheese Apple Bread / Today’s Creative Blog
      24. Caramel Apple Recipe from Scratch / Recipe Tipster
      25. Apple Walnut Pull-Apart Bread / Six Sister’s Stuff

You can check out more ideas for fall, including recipes on our Pinterest board!

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