About Ziah

about ziah

Ziah is the oldest child!  It’s hard to believe how fast the twins grew up! Time can fly when you’re having fun! Ziah was diagnosed with Autism at an early age, just 3. It was a huge shock for me. You can learn about our Journey with Autism HERE!

Ziah is such a little lovable kid! However most of the time his head is stuck in the clouds!


I would say that he is:

  • a lover of Little Big Planet
  • loves to laugh
  • on cloud #434344443534534
  • very polite
  • socially awkward
  • his little legs are shooting out ( I think he’s going to be tall!)
  • Charismatic
  • somewhat flirtatious
  • very hands on
  • can by very shy (at times)
  • energetic

about ziah


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