Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel Disney/Pixar’s COCO

Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel COCO

Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel Disney/Pixar's COCO

Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel Disney/Pixar’s COCO

During our first night of the Black Panther press junket, we had the opportunity to interview Anthony Gonzalez, the voice of Miguel from Disney/Pixar’s Coco. The interview took place at El Paseo Inn. Before meeting Anthony, we had time to explore Olvera Street, known as “the birthplace of Los Angeles.”

Things to do on Olvera Street Los Angeles

 It’s a street full of painted stalls, street vendors, taco trucks, cafes, restaurants, and gift shops. I’ve been to Mexico a few times when I was younger, and Olvera Street reminded me a lot of my childhood days of shopping the local vendors while my touristy family and friends haggled on the price of goods. Ah, good times. 

Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel COCO
Photo Credit-Natasha Nichols/Houseful of Nichols

Meeting Anthony Gonazelz 

After we spent some time exploring, we made our way to the restaurant. Once we were inside, we were greeted by a Mariachi band, dancers, and Anthony! Anthony sang Remember Me, while the dancers danced around in their colorful and vibrant outfits. The location of meeting on Olvera Street to interview was not a coincidence. Anthony got his start by doing street performances in this same location. He got into acting because of his passion for singing. He mentioned his older siblings were reading in Spanish on a television show. “I would just see them on the TV reading books, and I wanted to do it too. So the reason I’m here is because my older brothers they inspired me, they inspired me to sing, they inspired me to do things I never thought I would do without them.”

Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel Disney/Pixar's COCO
Photo Credit-Natasha Nichols/Houseful of Nichols

How do you identify yourself with your character (Miguel from Coco)?

“Well, when I first went to audition for Miguel, I really wanted to do this role because I identified myself so much with him. And that is because we both have this passion for music. I grew up with music, singing with my brothers here in La Placita Olvera. And just to be part of a movie where I can sing because I’ve been doing that since I was four years old, is amazing. So that’s one way I identify with Miguel. Another way I identify myself with Miguel is we both know how important our family is and we know to really do our traditions. Just like Miguel’s tradition is to celebrate the Day of the Dead. And I actually have celebrated the Day of the Dead as well because my grandfather- my grandfather passed away when I was six years old, but well in the Day of the Dead it was a chance for me to be with him again and connect with him.”

Anthony went on to talk about how he is determined just like Miguel. “If we really love something, we’re going to chase our dreams. Like Miguel loves singing and that’s what he wants to do. And not even his family can stop him, that’s one thing I learned from Miguel, like really be determined, do what you love.”

Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel COCO
COCO (Pictured) – FAMILY BONDS – In Disney•Pixar’s “Coco,” Miguel (voice of Anthony Gonzalez) has a very special relationship with his great-great-grandmother, Mamá Coco (voice of Ana Ofelia Murguía). Directed by Lee Unkrich and co-directed by Adrian Molina, Disney•Pixar’s “Coco,” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2017. ©2017 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

On Anthony’s culture and the impact of this film

Anthony talked with us about how he understood the impact this film would have on his culture. However, he didn’t know it was going to be a BIG impact. This movie is about celebrating Mexican traditions. ” It’s a wonderful celebration, a lot of colors, a lot of food, a lot of like it’s happy; it’s a happy celebration. And I did know it was going to make a wonderful impact, but I didn’t know it was going to make that big of an impact, and just to see that a lot of people really took the message and learned a lot about this wonderful tradition, I thought was amazing. And yes I’m still shocked and speechless. Thank you so much.”

Throughout the interview process, we were all amazed by how humble and gracious Anthony was. I don’t know if he really understands how big of a deal he is, and the role model he is now to kids all around the world. 

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Anthony’s favorite scene from Coco

I have a lot of favorite scenes. One is like I love all the scenes where Miguel is interacting with Mama Coco, I think that’s just so sweet like I used to go like this and now we’re like this which is way faster, I love that. I also love when Mama and Mama Imelda agrees to tell give Miguel his blessing. But the only condition is that he can never play music ever again, and then he says okay. But then right when he goes back he gets a guitar, and then he goes straight back to Mama again. And another one I love is when Miguel is getting ready to sing Poco Loco, and then Hector teases him about the Grito and then the first time he tries it, he does horrible, but then when he does it on stage, he nails it.


Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel COCO
Photo Credit-Natasha Nichols/Houseful of Nichols

On sharing some of his memories of your grandfather

” Yeah well, actually one of the reasons I also wanted to do this movie was because of my grandfather. I saw that Miguel had Mama Coco, she was always there. And for me, the one who was always there for me was my grandfather. And since I was very little, he was always there for me; he would tell jokes, he would make me laugh, he would just he would make me be a better person in life. And I will thank him for that for eternity because I also wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. He gave me confidence when my brother would go singing somewhere; he would tell my mom, take Anthony too because he can do it. And he was the person that was always there for me.” {The way he spoke about his family, with such love and admiration for his Grandfather was beautiful} 



His experience working with Benjamin Bratt

“Oh my gosh that was amazing, because like I have seen movies that he’s like, like the first time I saw him was actually in Miss Congeniality  and so just to work next to someone that’s very big and like is- has a lot of experience in his career, I was just so happy. And I couldn’t have had a better co-star than him. ” 

He went on to share with us that he would love to work with the actors like Zac Efron, Zendaya, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Cruise. 

Interview with Anthony Gonzalez voice of Miguel COCO
Photo Credit-Natasha Nichols/Houseful of Nichols

What do you hope other kids take from Coco?

“Well I hope that they take really the that the Day of the Dead is not like Halloween, it’s a time for a celebration, it’s a wonderful celebration that anyone can celebrate, not just like from where- not just Mexicans can celebrate, but anyone can celebrate it. Because it’s a day where you can connect and really remember your family members that passed away. And I think that’s what I hope that people take away from the movie.”

Anthony wants people to take away the lesson of determination and passion. “Like no matter who tells you oh you can’t do this, you can’t do this, if that’s what you want to do, if that’s what you love, then do it, no one can tell you what to do.”  

Anthony also shared his excitement on Coco being nominated for two Oscars. “Oh my God, that’s that’s amazing. I actually woke up at four in the morning to see the nominations, and when I see Coco is nominated for best-animated feature and also for the song Remember Me, I’m speechless. And I’m just so happy that it’s nominated, and I can’t wait to see if it wins!”

The 2018 Golden Globe Winner for best-animated feature Disney/Pixar’s COCO crosses over Digitally in HD, 4K Ultra HD™, and Movies Anywhere on Feb. 13 (TODAY) and 4K Ultra HD™ & Blu-ray™ on Feb. 27. 

Disney's Coco DVD Release Date and Movie Deals


This movie is not only visually breathtaking, but the message in the movie is an inspiration to all. Stay tuned for my review of this fun and beautiful movie, as well as activities for the kids coming out later this month! 

See a trailer for COCO below:


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