New Kitchen Trend: Black Stainless Finish

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Thinking about upgrading your appliances or designing a new kitchen? Black Stainless Finish is the new trend for appliances, and I’m sharing why people are loving this stainless finish.

New Kitchen Trend: Black Stainless Finish

Are you looking to upgrade your appliances? We recently upgraded our appliances a few years ago. Back then, stainless appliances were still hot. However, that has changed, as people fall in love with the newest design trend- black stainless finish. GE Appliances have been around for a long time and is a trusted name and brand that many families have used down through the years. They are also a leader in premium finish options (including a Black Stainless Finish), giving shoppers the ability to design a unique kitchen package suited to personal needs and style. 

If you’re looking to make a design statement, going with their Black Stainless Finish should be on your shopping list. Combining a glossy, bold black hue and the contemporary brushed metal appearance of stainless steel.

Why do people love Black Stainless Finish?

  • Bold and sophisticated appearance
  • High-gloss finish that makes a statement in any kitchen
  • Fingerprint-resistant and easy to maintain and clean

Black Stainless is sleek, original, and will turn heads. Plus, it’s favorite when it comes to cleaning, since it wipes down in seconds, and remains free from smudges. And when you’re a mom with several kids in and out of the fridge, this is something I think about. I am constantly wiping down my stainless steel refrigerator. AND, when it comes time to clean your appliances, it’s just a simple wipe down since the black stainless finish is easy to clean and maintain. Talk about a win-win.  

With a sleek design, it’s versatile enough to match any decor, but still stands out as a statement piece. It’s a wow factor in kitchens and laundry rooms. Consumers are making the switch to black stainless finish as they design their new kitchen and laundry room or appliance upgrades. 

You can head to Best Buy to get more information about current promotions and information about the GE Black Stainless Finish. 


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