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Dear Jesus!

As we were preparing for bed the boys wanted to talk about Heaven and what it would be like… and of course Zayd’n is only concerned about a few things: Do they have hotspots in Heaven? Me: um, I don’t know about that one. (Zayd’n receive an ipad for Christmas and has been glued to …

Tonight’s Dear Jesus comes from Zayd’n: Zayd’n: Dear Jesus Please help me become a rockstar. Help me to work on being a better dance and get my dance moves together. I can’t wait to go to California. Thank you for making me awesome!  

Dear Jesus- Dear Jesus- please don’t let anyone have any cavities- signed Ziah!  

Coming Soon………….   However this section will give quotes and very thoughtful prayers from the ZZZ boys! Most of them are quite comical that they deserve to be shared with others! So stay tuned!!