As we were preparing for bed the boys wanted to talk about Heaven and what it would be like… and of course Zayd’n is only concerned about a few things:

Do they have hotspots in Heaven?
Me: um, I don’t know about that one. (Zayd’n receive an ipad for Christmas and has been glued to it every since Christmas Day. He claims he doesn’t go places unless they have hotspots!)

Zayd’n: Well,  do they have Pizza?
Me: um not sure about that.. I guess?

Zayd’n: Well, can you talk in Heaven?
Me: Yes you can talk in Heaven.

Zayd’n: Oh thank goodness! Because I was about to say…..

Yes this kid can never stop talking. He even talks in his sleep. We are always singing to him- you talk to much, you never shut up!