DIY Halloween Frame


diy halloween frame

DIY Halloween Frame

This DIY Halloween Frame is VERY easy to make and is very affordable. This awesome frame makes for a great decoration piece and also makes for a great way to create a Halloween memory! Let’s get started on how to make it!

Supplies needed: Picture frame (Bought mine at the dollar store for $1 but you could also repurpose an old frame that you don’t want if you would prefer!), Foam letters (Bought at the Dollar Store for $1) Plastic creatures (Bought at the Dollar Store for $1) Green Paint (I already had on hand)
  1. First you’re going to want to remove the backing and the glass of your frame, leaving just the frame itself.
  2.  Paint it green or any other Halloween color you would like
  3.  Once your paint is dry. Start adding Halloween accents such as Halloween related words (EEK, BOO, AHHHH, etc.)
  4.  Also, add things like skeletons and spiders or creepy crawlers!
  5.  Finally, create a Halloween print out on your computer, print it out and cut to the size of your frame and place in the frame.
* Another idea you could do which I think would be awesome but I don’t have any kids so I didn’t have anyone to do this with! But you could frame your child’s handprint or footprint and add the occasion (Halloween) and the year! This makes for an awesome memory and I definitely think I would LOVE to do this when I do have kids in the future! It would be especially awesome for a babies first Halloween. Or you could of course put an actual picture in there!
There you have it! You’re all done; you could display this on a table with other Halloween decorations! This is a very easy, quick, and inexpensive decoration that makes for a great memory and craft to enjoy with your children! Hope you guys enjoy!
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