DIY Winter Candy Jars

DIY Winter Candy Jars

I love a fun craft that is easy and versatile.  These DIY Winter Candy Jars are perfect for throughout the holiday season, but also into the new year winter months.  That means one less thing I have to rush to take down after Christmas!

These DIY Candy Jars are SO easy to make and SO cheap! They look so cute for storing your candy this Holiday Season! You can put your Peppermint Kisses in them or even some of our White Chocolate Peppermint Bark. The best part about these is that you can put whatever you want no them! So, let’s get started on how to make them!

DIY Winter Candy Jars are ideal for letting kids make something fun and easy for giving as holiday gifts! For simple yet fun gifts - look no further!

DIY Winter Candy Jars

If you are looking for easy gift ideas for your kids to make, this is a perfect solution.  A few simple dollar store items and you can create a fun and unique candy jar that is personalized and ideal for the holidays.  We included the snowflake design, but you can see that it is easy to use any design to make the candy jar perfect for Christmas, winter, fall, or any holiday you prefer!

Supplies for DIY Candy Jars:

Directions for DIY Candy Jars:

  • Wash and dry glass jars.
  • Use a stencil for lettering or designs as needed.  We created simple snowflake designs freehand crisscrossing straight lines then added accents around the edges to make them look unique.
  • Allow candy jar to dry overnight.  Fill will candy or treats,  and wrap in tissue paper to gift to friends and family.

Ideas for gifting DIY Candy Jars:

I love the idea of filling these with homemade candies.  You can also use them for special treats, potpourri, or any simply gift idea!  This could be used alongside our great Mani/Pedi Gift Jar idea!  Personalize your jars to create fun gifts that you can gift to anyone on your list this year!

As you can see, this tutorial is really simple.  Anyone, including kids, can make this work for any holiday need.  Whether you fill the DIY Candy Jars with colored sand and a votive candle to use as a centerpiece, or you fill them with candy to give as a gift, they are a perfect budget-friendly idea.  I love making fun homemade gifts, and this one definitely one I can spend $10-$15 on and have 20 or more gifts in no time!

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