Easy Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas Using Recycled Items

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas using Recycled Items

These easy Christmas gift wrap ideas using recycled items will help you to give a gorgeous gift presentation while saving money. I love receiving unique gifts, but it’s even better when they come wrapped in something totally fun and awesome! Upcycling or recycling other items around the house to gift items is a great choice to stay in budget while doing something cool and unique!

Easy Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas Using Recycled Items

Easy Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas Using Recycled Items

Brown paper bags: This classic gift wrap item is one many already use. It is perfect for cutting down to the needed size, and adorable alone with a simple piece of ribbon. You can make it even better by using stamps, stencils or specialty colored twine, washi tape or ribbons to embellish and make it a beautiful gift that is truly one of a kind.

Baskets: Gift baskets are always great! You can easily stack tons of small gifts into one large basket to create a huge packed goody bag that doesn’t cost a ton to decorate. Add in some shredded paper (also free) to create a base. Then arrange your gift items with smaller items in the front and larger items in the back.

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Newspaper: Much like brown paper bags, newspaper has been a favorite for years. Specifically the funny papers or comics. Newspaper makes a great filler in boxes and gift baskets,but also makes an excellent wrapping paper for nearly any box. You may want to use double pages to make sure that you can’t see through the paper and expose the package contents.

Empty food boxes: Cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, and even those smaller boxes your macaroni & cheese came in are perfect for wrapping gifts in. Everyone has a giggle over a food box wrapped around a gift. You can use another gift wrap method to cover it up, or simply place the food boxes under the tree for tons of guesses and laughs.

Maps: Old maps of cities, states or countries are easy to use as wrapping paper. For a special gift, you can use one of a special place you’ve been with the person receiving the gift. It is super fun to personalize and make it unique and beautiful. Draw a heart around a city, street or place on the map to make it, “pop”.

Old sheets: Do you have old sheets or blankets that have seen better days? Instead of throwing them out, make them into a gift pouch, or a gift wrap that is easy to cover nearly any item with. You can trim them into smaller pieces, hem the edges and crate a throw, or you can simply trim them and leave ragged edges for a fun but unique look.

These easy Christmas gift wrap ideas using recycled items are perfect for any budget. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll have tons of fun creating something special for everyone on our gift list this year!

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