Our Experience At Camp Tall Tree

Camp Tall Tree

Our Experience At Camp Tall Tree

My twins had a wonderful opportunity given to them this summer.

They went to camp for the first time.

They were away from their parents (us) for a week

They had an experience of a lifetime!

They gained new confidence and self-worth.

This all happened at Camp Tall Tree.

You can read about my initial thoughts and experience here- Camp Tall Tree {Autism Camp}: First Time Experience For The Twins

When we picked up the twins on Saturday I found two little boys that blossomed within a week! All week I had worried about whether or not they were having a good time. But my fears were blown away when I saw their happy faces and heard wonderful stories from their Camp Leaders.

Zion mentioned that he had a good time, but he did so in laid-back-kinda-way. However, Ziah totally surprised us. His confidence GREW big time! Before camp and for the last few years we have struggled with getting to become more socially confident. His camp leaders stated that he was seen as a junior leader among his peers and that he really took charge.

I am proud to say that those skills really helped Ziah. To this day, he has continued to take his confidence that he gained at camp and uses it every where.

His teacher has stated that he takes charge in the classroom, recess, and in certain activities. <<<– say what?!! Not Ziah.

The kid that always told me didn’t have any friends, didn’t like school, other kids teased him because of how awkward he acts.

YES! I shed tears of joy that day as a I watched the slideshow of all of the kids and their accomplishment. I smiled while crying when reading his journal. And over the past few months I have beamed with pride as I watch him take on new challenges. Including joining the flag football team and sticking with it!

I really don’t think this or any of his other recent accomplishments would have made it to this point without the help of Camp Tall Tree.

I can’t say enough positive things about this camp and all of the wonderful staff. The boys made great relationships with their other peers and Camp staff. They are already talking about coming back next year!

Here’s a few pictures of Ziah and Zion having fun at camp:




Wouldn’t this be a LOAD of fun to slide down into the water?

If you would like to view more pictures, feel free to check out the full album here- http://www.flickr.com/photos/camptalltree/


You can also view the video here:

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  1. October 15, 2013

    Thanks! We loved having both boys at camp too–what great kids!

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