How to Find Travel Cheap Deals

If you are hoping to take a trip now that summer is here, it can be hard to find some good deals this late in the booking season, but it is still possible! Here are some tips for finding some travel cheap deals.

how to find travel cheap deals

How to Find Travel Cheap Deals

Call around to resorts, hotels or airlines. Find out what they are charging and then call a travel agent. Often, they will work hard to try to beat those prices and cut you a deal. You may not be able to save money on every part of your package, but they can often save you money on some of it.

Be flexible. This means that you may have to be able to leave on a less desired date or time. If you are more flexible, you will find there are often more options for you. For example, instead of picking a certain week in August to travel, leave the whole month of August open for a possible vacation.  Also, when it comes to flights, be willing to experience layovers or not take a trip without stops.

Rough it. If just being at your destination is more important to you than where you stay, consider camping rather than staying in a hotel. You will get your fun in at your destination and you won’t have to pay the high price of a hotel. Sometimes, you can even rent an RV for lower than the price of a hotel as well. Check online for deals. And bear in mind, “roughing it” can mean staying in a cabin at a KOA as well.

Fly one way both ways. There are some flights that offer one ways to a very limited amount of destinations, but you can get them dirt cheap. For instance, where I live, in Washington, you can get a flight to Hawaii one way for less than $150 per person at certain times of the year. Now, granted, this is one way, but if I book two separate 1 way trips (one there and one back) it is still vastly cheaper than if I do a round trip on a major airline.

Use Airfare Watchdog. This is a free website that allows you to plug in the price you are looking to pay and lets you know when it gets down that low in an email.

Don’t buy the whole package. While travel agents can find you some good deals, don’t get roped into buying an entire package if you won’t use all of it to the fullest. Any part of it you won’t use is wasted money.

Look into time shares you can rent from people who will not be able to use theirs at their scheduled time. You can often save a lot of money this way by taking their spot and you can stay in luxury, too! I know when I stayed at the All Star Vacation homes this past March, that was a great way to save on a deal. We didn’t have to spend money on food and entertainment. It was all provided for us on the property.

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Where are you going on vacation this summer? What was the best travel deal you ever found? I would love to hear about it in the comments!