Although your kids love getting gifts, they probably love giving gifts as well. If you’d like to get

your kids involved in the giving spirit, help them make these kid-friendly DIY gifts. They’ll have

a blast making a scented candle in a teacup or weaving their very own homemade coasters.

Easy Christmas Gift ideas that Kids can make on their own! Come check them out and try a few this year- Gifts Kids Can Make

15 EASY Gifts Kids Can Make

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8. DIY Vacation Memory Jar ~A Dose of Paige

9. Marshmallow Apple Treats ~JA Monkey

10. DIY Christmas Felt Handprint Wreath ~Director Jewels

11. Kids in the Kitchen Pumpkin Bread ~Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

12. Old Fashioned Hard Candy Holiday Ornament ~Thrifty Jinxy

13. Easy DIY Gift Reindeer Hot Chocolate Recipe ~Everyday Savvy

14. Mas Jar Luminaries ~Clumsy Crafter

15. Easy 3 Ingredient Cinnamon Ornaments ~The Kitchen is my Playground