Happy Birthday Mr President!


Happy Birthday Mr President!

Well… this isn’t about the President of the United States (tho I did hear that he has a birthday coming up)….

but HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to the President in the Worthey Household-— Mr. Zayd’n Areck turned 8 on July 30th.

Every birthday I am reminded that my little baby is no longer a baby (insert sad face). Well, the way he put it… I am no longer a baby Mom, but a Man. Yes our house would not be the same without this ball fun of energy and character.

He is always coming up with ways to entertain us. Turning my frowns upside down. Making me remember that at least one neurotypical kid lives in this house. And reminding me he plans to grow up to be a rockstar. And yes, he even said that I will be able to come to all of his concerts for free!

I have the coolest kid on earth and I am happy to be his Mom. I remember before having Zayd’n, I wanted to try again for a girl. Just one more time. Everyone said oh the third one will be a girl. You already had two boys. Just watch and see. But nope. Another boy. I remember getting off the examining table and going into the bathroom to shed a few tears of disappointment that he wasn’t a girl.

Why, why did I want a girl so bad?I think it was because of the “girly” stuff I could do with her. But then when she turned 10, I didn’t want to deal with the sass and attitudes that girls bring. But although Zayd’n didn’t turn out to be a girl, he made it up for in charisma. I have never met a little kid like Zayd’n. If you know Zayd’n personally or have read my status updates on Facebook then you know what I’m talking about. He is just a very unique child.

He turned 8 on Tuesday. For his birthday he wanted bacon all day. Breakfast- check. Lunch (baconator from Wendy’s- check. And Dinner, more bacon- check. He also got something he has asked us repeatedly for the last year. Archery Lessons. Last year we took a tour of the Demmer Center in East Lansing. Since then Zayd’n has asked us all the time about getting a real bow and taking lessons. However I didn’t take him seriously since every kid goes through phases of wanting to try something new. I thought he would eventually stop asking. No. He didn’t. In fact he became more persistent. So for his birthday he was able to get his first 1-1 session. He LOVED it! And he was pretty good the first time out, even the Instructor was impressed with the little “newbie”.

Needless to say, he will be going back. 🙂 I hope that the focus and discipline that it takes will be good for him.

We will be celebrating his birthday all week long, according to him. Tonight we took him out to dinner at Bob Evans. Tomorrow night it will be Red Robin. Then on Friday night he will be having at party at the movies and watching one of his favorite shows- Smurf 2. He did this party 2 years ago, same place, same time of year, same movie.

Here’s a few pictures that I like to go over every year… reminiscing all of his best moments and funny highlights! You can also read more about Zayd’n here and check out his section of the blog- Music is my thing!

Happy Birthday Zayd’n!

Here he practicing signing his name so when he’s a rockstar he can give away his autograph! Look at his bling! lol


One of my favorite pictures- Christmas 3 years old! This was priceless!

He went through a period of time where he liked to copy things that he saw in movies- this was his Mr. Gru imitation. One of my friend’s reminded me of the time that he tried to cook his stuffed animals after Ratatouille (you can read about that here)

He also shares tips on how to get rid of annoying salespeople- Steps To Get Rid Of Annoying Salespeople- Zayd’n Style!

More funny stories from Zayd’n-Zayd’n Says- Several Examples Of Zayd’nisms!

More Zayd’n blast from the past- funny things:

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Literal Meaning: Definition Of Insanity & Zayd’n!


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