According to Zaydn: Our trip to Kalahari Resort & Waterpark

According to Zaydn: Our trip to Kalahari Resort & Waterpark

{This is written by Zayd’n- our 9 year full of life son.}

Hi my name is Zayd’n Worthey and me and my family went to Kalahari this summer.


We had a great time there.

zaydn having fun

We went to the zoo. We went ziplining and we got to go swimming. This was my favorite thing to do zipline.


We had a nice room.


Now back to the  zoo- we got to see lots of animals: like a crane and patriots and goats and little bunny rabbits. I watch Wild Kratts and it was fun to see all of the animals that are in the show.

safari zebra



And there is an inside pool and an outside pool. The tidal wave on the inside is a blast.

zzz boys

There is a lot of things you can do there. Your kids will have a fun time there.

Your kids will want to come back again there.

zzz boys at kalahari

So if you go there you will a  have fun time there. You can read my Mom’s full review and our top 5 reasons of going to the Kalahari Water Park and Resort.

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