Literal Meaning: Definition Of Insanity & Zayd’n!


When I first saw this picture I had to laugh. We hear the definition of insanity over and over again. But this gives this definition a literal meaning!

There are days where I clean the house (while everyone is at school or sleep) and within 5 minutes of waking up or getting home, it’s tore up again.

And I don’t mean trash on the floor or a nasty type of house ( I have a touch of OCD and can’t tolerate that), but it’s mostly Zayd’n!

He can wreck a room in a matter of seconds, by doing this:

  • taking out every single toy, just to find the tiniest Halo toy
  • pulling out blankets to make (another) fort
  • spilled popcorn
  • a movie going on, tv blaring from another room, and playing a game on the iPad at the same time
  • strips off his school uniform and pulls out several pairs of shirts to find the “right” one
  • legos every where
  • juice boxes scattered here and there

I have tried every type of reward system, threatening to take away toys/movies, give money, etc…….. NOTHING has worked!

Any suggestions out there?

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