Every year parents panic just a bit when they realize that Spring break vacation time is upon them.  For some, it is the juggle of having all of the kids home every day.  For others, it is the fact that they are realizing how tough it can be to use that short time away from school and work to really be a meaningful vacation.  Most parents can’t take off much if any time so it makes it a bit of a struggle to manage.  We have some tips for how to make the most of your Spring break vacation without breaking the bank of causing yourself too much stress in the process.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Spring Break Vacation

Focus on one big experience.  So often, Spring break vacation just feels so short you don’t think you can get everything into it that you want.  Instead of trying to accomplish tons of things, focus on one major experience for the whole family to enjoy.  This can make that break from work and school feel like you’ve accomplished something without being so rushed or stressed.

  • Go to a local amusement park for 1-2 days.
  • Spend all day at home creating a movie marathon of your favorite movies.
  • Go to a movie theater and spend all day watching the latest release movies.
  • Go to a local lake, water park, or ocean for a day of swimming and fun in the sun.
  • Visit a special restaurant each day to enjoy a unique culinary experience every day of break.

These are things that can be a focus, be budget-friendly, and they all can fit into your Spring break vacation without making you feel rushed or stressed.  A short time off work can seem like it isn’t enough to have fun, but these ideas prove otherwise.

Use as many savings options as possible.  We always come back to this, but frugality really is a way of life.  It isn’t just about great coupon hauls in the grocery store, but about considering frugality in every part of your life.  There are dozens of ways to save on travel, and your Spring break vacation is just one of the places you can focus.

  • Book using a deal site or travel agent {I love to use Groupon or Living Social to find deals in that particular area}
  • Book in a group with friends and family for more savings
  • Use coupons and discounts for entertainment options.  Don’t forget cards like AAA, AARP, Military and even Student ID’s can bring discounts at hotels, amusement parks, and even movie theaters
  • Use CityPASS to get discounts on multiple venues in one area.
  • Pack your own groceries and snacks to cut back on money spent eating out.  A small cooler fits easily between seats in your car. {if you stockpile, this is a great way to just pull from your stockpile and save even more money} 
  • Compare cost of flying versus driving for the best price even to local destinations

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Stay close to home. The ultimate way to make the most of your Spring break vacation is to not be on the road for a lot of that time.  By staying close to home, you are taking away a lot of your travel time which means you’ll have more time to have fun at your destination.  There are a few things we consider when choosing to stay close to home.

  • Visit local historical landmarks
  • Visit friends and family a day or less away from home
  • Visit state landmarks or tourist destinations
  • Create a staycation at home around local tourist destinations
  • Spend time taking a scenic road trip around your state

These are all simple ways to stay close to home during Spring break while still having fun with your family.  Not only will you be able to keep your budget lower if you stay at home at night, you’ll have less stress about traveling a long distance and enjoying entertainment options for only a day or two while on break.

Set a goal for your break.  Focus is a huge factor in how much you can enjoy your Spring break vacation.  If you are stressed and trying to do too much, you’ll end up not enjoying that time off at all. Creating a goal for your Spring break is important for you to be able to make the most of that time.

There are a few things I like to consider when trying to set my goals for any time off work and school:

  • Is relaxation my goal?
  • Is an experience my goal?
  • Is the focus on me or my children?
  • Will seeing new places and things be the goal?
  • Will I need to maintain a specific budget?
  • Are there time constraints to consider?

These simple questions can make it easier to focus and narrow down what you plan for your family to enjoy.  When you know what your goal is for that time off, you can effectively plan around that goal.  This makes the entire time spent more fun for everyone.

As you try to make the most of your Spring break vacation this year, consider our tips and check out some of our personal favorite vacation destinations.

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