Mom’s Summer Survival Guide

Summer can be a tough transition for everyone. Moms, check out our mom’s summer survival guide to get tips to help your summer go a little smoother with the kids at home! 

Summer can be a tough transition for everyone. Moms, check out our mom's summer survival guide to get tips to help your summer go a little smoother with the kids at home!

Mom’s Summer Survival Guide

Summer is in full swing at the Worthey house, and I imagine it’s the same at your house. We’ve just entered the second month of summer, but it feels like summer break just started. The youngest boy got out of school on the 23rd of June, and then immediately left for a summer road trip. 

This is the first week we’ve all been home on the same schedule. I’ve already noticed things happening in my house, and I’m not happy. 

  1. Leaving a pile of dishes in the sink. OR, the dishes make it into the dishwasher, but no one runs it. Like, who lives here beside me?
  2. The fridge on open/shut rotation 20 times per day. 
  3. Water bottles found all around the house. Have we not heard of a trash can?
  4. Dirty shoes and mud tracked in the hallway, patio, and even into the house. 
  5. More plates, more bowls piled up. All the cups in the dishwasher. 

If this is happening at your house, keep reading to find out what I’ve done to enforce some cleanliness around here, plus it is part of my mom’s summer survival guide. 

Mom's Summer Surivival Guide

Cleaning supplies. Before I can implement chores and have the boys clean up after themselves, I need to make sure I’m prepared with the right cleaning essentials. I’m unleashing the clean squad by using Viva Paper Toweand Clorox Cleaning Spray products.

I like using Clorox products since they are specifically designed to clean and disinfect a variety of stains on any surface (99.9% germ-killing strength). Plus with the Smart Tube Technology®, you can spray every last drop. 

Mom's Summer Survival Guide

With the right cleaning supplies, the boys can easily clean up after themselves without assistance from me! #momwin

Mom's Summer Surivival Guide

Paper Products.Using Viva Vintage 6 Big Rolls are not only a great way to save money, but they last longer. Viva Big Rolls have 40% more Viva per roll (towel area compared to Viva® Regular Roll; Current practice is a use of “33% More”). 

I also buy paper plates/bowls, paper cups, and plastic silverware. People may say, “buying a ton of paper products is a waste.” However, as part of this mom’s summer survival guide, it’s necessary! Instead of having the dishwasher run several times per week, and running a ton of water from manually washing the dishes, using paper products is a way to save money and your sanity! 

*if you don’t want to buy paper products, you could assign each child a colored cup/plate/bowl. 

Mom's Summer Survival Guide

Headphones. Seriously, I don’t really need to explain why it’s important to have a good pair of headphones. Anytime I want to tune out the loud noise around my house, I pop these in my ear and go on about my day. 

Mom's Summer Surivival Guide

Self-care. To survive summer, Moms, take time out for YOU! This could be taking a day off and leaving Dad or the Grandparents in charge. It could be a long trip to the store, the spa, or lunch with a girlfriend. Self-care can also mean a soak in a hot bath with bubbles, candles, and soft music. 

Create easy meal plans. Moms, go easy on yourself. Easy meals using your Instant Pot, salads, meals kids can make are part of the summer survival guide. I bought quite a few easy ingredients and frozen products the boys could make on their own. Most kids can fix easy things like sandwiches and snacks. Be sure to have a lot of fresh fruits on hand. 

Self Care Tips after a Miscarriage

Get up early. Y’all, I am NOT a morning person. I dislike mornings and morning people. However, there’s something to be said about getting up early every morning. Lately, I’ve been getting up at 5-6 a.m. each morning. Not only is it quiet around my house, but it’s quiet everywhere (including the Internet). It’s an ideal way to have time for YOU. Enjoy your first cup of coffee by yourself. Have time for meditation, reading, or whatever you want to do. 

Skip routines. If routines stress you out, then drop them. However, if you have a child that NEEDS a routine, then I would highly recommend (from personal experience dealing with kids on the Autism spectrum), keeping them. At our house, we’ve been able to let go of routines during the summer. I usually give the boys a rundown of what our week may look like, but keep everything flexible. 

tips on teens and chores over summer

Other items that are essential to a Mom’s survival for summer:

  • Sweet thing- this could be chocolate, candy, wine, or all of them! 
  • Download a few new songs. 
  • Join a beginner’s yoga class. 
  • Going for a walk or run. This is a great way to get a few moments by yourself and to reset your stress level back to zero. 
  • Reading (when possible).
  • Setting up play dates. Although it may be a little hectic when playdates happen at your house, however, when the kids are gone to the other kid’s house, you will have a few hours to yourself (or one less child at home).

survival guides for Mom

Keep the car filled with juice boxes, snacks, and Viva Paper Towel. That way, if you’re out and about, you don’t have to worry about stopping at the gas station for snacks. And, if there’s a mess in the car, you can clean it up with Viva Paper Towels! 

With all of my summer essentials armed and ready to go, I feel this summer is going to be a breeze. We’re also grabbing ideas from our teen bucket list to help keep our summer fun and busy! One thing’s for sure; my sanity level will stay down knowing my house will be cleaned, and I’ve put certain things in place to ensure the boys are self-sufficient and can clean up after themselves.

What ways are you staying sane this summer, Moms? Drop me a line below and let me know! 


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  1. July 4, 2017

    I keep both in rotation as well. With kids in my house who love to make messes, it’s something that I HAVE TO HAVE. in stock at all times. Love the list and those are also things I keep on hand for myself too, especially the sweet things. 🙂

  2. Loved that you created a list to keep things organized and real. Have a great summer. The rebates are great huh!

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