15 Must-Have Baking Supplies Every Kitchen Needs Under $10

It’s that time of year again! The aroma of freshly baked things from the oven fill the air! If you are excited about the baking season like I am, maybe it’s time to update or add new products to make baking easier, quicker and more enjoyable in the long run. One of the popular recipes here is our peppermint bark!

15 Must Have Baking Supplies Under Ten Dollars

Are you baking for the holidays or looking for a perfect gift for that special someone who loves to bake in your life? Here are 15 must-have baking supplies every kitchen needs and the best part is, these are all under $10 and most have free shipping (with Amazon Prime)! What could be better?
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cake batter dispenser

Cake Batter Dispenser with Measuring Label Only $9.19

This is perfect if you love to make muffins, cupcakes or even pancakes! What a much quicker and less messy way to do it!


cupcake corer

Cupcake Corer Only $5.00

I have always wanted one of these things! Think of all the great flavor combinations you can make this holiday with this!

silicone non-stick baking mat


Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat Only $6.99 {this is one of D’s favorite baking items!!}

I have one similar to this and I won’t go back to using spray as this does the job so beautifully for cookies, breads and more!

wire cooling rack


Wire Cooling Rack Only $7.85

Every baker needs a cooling rack, especially during the holidays when you might be making lots of cookies all at once!

silicone pie shield


Silicone Pie Crust Shield Only $7.81

This is a must for every baker that wants professional looking pies. Toss out that aluminum foil and go with this reusable one!

wire cake leveler


Wire Cake Leveler Only $3.79

If you have ever wondered how professional cakes look so uniform, this is the trick!

digital baking scale


Digital Baking Scale Only $8.99

Sometimes, it is faster and easier to just weigh your ingredients.

non-stick oven liner


Non-Stick Oven Liner Only $5.99

No more overflowing pie mess to clean up with this baby!

mini cupcake spatula


Mini-Cupcake Spatula Only $5.77

Who doesn’t love this cute little spatula? This would be perfect for baking with kids.

Owl Kitchen Timer


Owl Kitchen Timer Only $8.22

Owls are trendy still and this timer is just too cute!

adjustable Tablespoon


Adjustable Tablespoon Only $7.87

Why have a bunch of measuring spoons when you can have just one?

3 Peice Stainless Steel Scoops


3 Piece Stainless Steel Scoops Only $9.68

For cookies, you can’t beat a scoop for making each one uniformly the same size.

cake poker


Cake Poker Only $2.95

Drop that knife! Use this perfect cake poker instead to check your cake’s doneness!

Deluxe Pastry Roller


Deluxe Pastry Roller Only $7.15

This is the perfect thing to have around for quick rolling or doughs. It is also great for small kitchens that may not have the room for a big rolling pin.

Vintage Apron


Vintage Apron Only $5.44

I love the look of this flirty apron!


There you have it! 15 Gifts for yourself or another baker in your life all for under $10.

****Please note that Amazon prices can change pretty rapidly, so make sure to check prices before ordering!

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