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Sometimes we forget common sense safety tips. Here's a few reminders why we need to keep our kids safe. 6 Safety Tips Parents Need To Remember

6 Safety Tips Parents Need To Remember

In our continued partnership with Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen initiative, we’re back to talk about more safety tips!

Last month I talked about tips for keeping kids safe from harmful products. One of my primary goals as a parent (besides getting all three boys through high school without anything crazy happening), is keeping them safe.  Keep in mind that our kids are smart, but they still need their parents to guide them from time to time. When it comes to kids, though, it can be tough to know how to keep them safe.

Although safety tips should be part of our routine and common sense, sometimes we don’t think about how EASY it is for our kids to get into things.

Here are a few reminders on overall safety:

Keep medicine up high/locked up. No matter how old your kids are, keep medicine up as high as you can. Medicine is no joke when it comes to having kids. They can access it whenever you’re not looking, so be vigilant about making sure it’s put up. If you have older tweens and teens, then you need to have a lock on your prescribed medication. With all of the overdoses in young adults, this is crucial.

Make Safe Happen- Keep Kids Safe from poison

Talk to your child about street safety. My boys are 13,13, and 11. I still have to remind them about looking both ways before crossing the street and other street safety tips. Not running into the road, not talking to strangers who pull up to talk to them and so on. Cars are dangerous, so children should know to look both ways before grabbing a ball or crossing the street.

Emergency response. When it comes down to being a kid, they can never know too much when it comes to safety. Always talk to your children about what they should do in case of an emergency. Make sure you have emergency phone numbers for them to contact. Also, make sure they know what to do in case of a natural disaster or a medical emergency. And if you have teens with their phones, be sure they have your number memorized. Although it may be saved in their phones, this could prove to be useless if their phone is dead or lost.

Stranger danger. This is a conversation my kids get time and time again. Strangers are a real thing, and kids should know what to do if one approaches them. Talk to your child about what to do if a vehicle or a stranger approach them that is trying to harm them. Helping them learn to kick, scream, and fight back is all part of stranger danger. This same information can be applied to talking to strangers online while your kids play video games. My boys play games online, and I always remind them about not giving out any personal information (not even their names) when playing with other games. They are only supposed to play with games they know in REAL life. But kids are kids, and sometimes they do play with online gamers.

Common sense. This might sound like a weird kid safety tip, but it’s a good one. Teach your child to use their common sense when it comes to life. If they see someone hurt, help. If they need help, ask. Always think before you act. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, and anything that could harm you. Common sense can go a long way when it comes to keeping kids safer.

Get your kids involved. There are many ways you can get your kids involved in learning about safety tips. One way to get them involved is on Safe Kids Day. Over 200 communities will come together this spring to celebrate Safe Kids Day and increase awareness around accidental injuries and raise funds to prevent them. You can find events happening in your community by going here.

And since our kids are tech-savvy these days, you can have them download the Make Safe Happen app to their smartphones. No smart phone? Have the kids head to Make Safe Happen’s website. Both are great places to find age-appropriate resources on safety tips.

If you cannot attend a local Safe Kids Day (or want more information), we are encouraging parents to make their home safer by creating a checklist from a master list of activities with Make Safe Happen’s website. My High 5 makes it easy for parents to pick the safety actions that make the most sense for their family.
Kid safety is important in making sure they grow up healthy and happy. How do you teach your children about staying safe? I would love to hear some of your tips! Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Here’s a video promoting Home Safety Promises: