Samsung Appliance Remodeling Sales Event + Tips on Remodeling

Best Buy Samsung Appliance Sale

Samsung Appliance Remodeling Sales Event + Tips on Remodeling

We’ve been working on upgrading several rooms in our house. Last year we started with the kitchen. While we were shopping for new appliances, I had my eye on quite a few Samsung products. Years ago, I would never thought Samsung as being competitive in the appliance department. I grew up around other popular name brands and would have assumed I would have purchased one of those brands once I had my own home. 

A few tips I learned during our kitchen remodel is this:

  1. You need to make sure you have a safety net of cash. We ended up ripping up our floors all the way to the joist due to discovering mold. During any remodel project, you never know what type of unexpected cost may come up. 
  2. Shop around for appliances and other materials. Best Buy runs great deals on kitchen appliance packages. You may get more bang for your buck if you buy your appliances all at once. 
  3. We were able to remodel a small kitchen, but with functionality and space. 
  4. Have patience, especially if you are working with your partner. I’m thankful to say both Derrick and I made it out alive and still love each other! 
  5. When it comes to contractors, you don’t want a cheap contractor, but you also want to make sure they are not milking you out of all your money. We were able to find a contractor that was affordable but did a great job. 
  6. Remember I mentioned patience? Well, our remodel project took longer than expected. Instead of just a few weeks, it turned into almost a month of putting our kitchen back together. This unexpected timeline happened due to the mold discovery. 
  7. Have kids? If you have children and you can’t use your kitchen, have a backup plan. We ate out quite a bit during this time. If you have family or friends nearby, you may get lucky to use their kitchen to fix dinner. Or better yet, they’ll invite you over for dinner. 

These are just a few of the things I learned during this remodeling process. 

Two of Samsung’s kitchen appliances come with all of the bells and whistles. 

I am a fan of the latest tech gadgets and all the bells and whistles. Best Buy runs deals on Samsung appliances quite often. They also make it easy to get the most bang for your buck by offering the best deals on Samsung appliances. 

French Door Refrigerator – Black Stainless Steel.  SKU 4278201

  • Showcase door, metal cooling, FlexZone drawer
  • Find your favorite foods with just a glance.  The Food ShowCase door keeps stored items visible and within easy reach.
  • Energy-efficient storage.  CoolTight Door helps prevent cool air from escaping, and metal cooling technology maintains a consistent temperature to maintain freshness
  • FlexZone drawer keeps food fresh.  Four temperature settings and a Smart Divider ensure your groceries stay at the proper temperature.

Best Buy Samsung Appliance Sale

Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Convection Range – Black Stainless Steel.  SKU 9542043

  • Convection.  Bake and broil with better results. The fan system distributes heat throughout the oven, so your dishes cook faster and more evenly every time. Having a convection oven saved me a lot of time during the holiday baking season! 

You can learn more about these appliances and the current sales by heading to Best Buy’s website. 

Major Upgrade Sale. Top Deals. Top Brands. Save Big.

Here’s the current offer going on this season on Samsung appliances. Right now you can save up to 30% on Major Appliances (Minimum Savings is 5%), plus get a FREE $100 gift card when you buy two major appliances (totaling $1500 or more). You can learn more about this offer by going HERE

They also have the Samsung Bundle & Save Deal. This is where you will save an additional 10% off on select Samsung 4-piece Kitchen package. This is a great way to buy all new appliances. This offer ends 4/4/2017. You can learn about this particular offer by going HERE


Disclaimer – Offer valid: 12/1/16-4/4/17. Products must be purchased on the same receipt to receive savings. Requires purchase of Samsung major appliances from the following categories: Refrigerators, Ranges, Wall Ovens, Cooktops, Dishwashers, Range Hoods, and Microwaves. Must include models from at least four different categories. Excludes Samsung Chef Collection models.


 Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.

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