A Short History of Milk: A1 vs. A2

You may have noticed there has been a lot of talk concerning the myriad adverse affects concerning the human consumption of A1 milk, and the health benefits of A2 milk. However, you many not be familiar or as with many, you may have known about the A1 versus A2 debate at all. I am posting an informative article about both types of milk.

I started researching A1 and A2 a few 2-3 months ago and happened upon an interesting and eye-opening article:

Exploring the benefits of a family cow and raw milk (2010)

Major changes have gone into effect internationally in regards to A2 milk availability. Grocers in New Zealand, Australia, UK and China are already stocking A2 milk in their respective dairy sections due to vast and undeniable consumer demand for it. I am hopeful the U.S. market will follow suit, and you can bet corporate large milk producers got their knickers in a twist. There is scientific data revealing a link between A1 milk and autism. Additionally, there a great benefits associated with A2 milk and A2 dairy products. I have a good introduction article below.

Human health implications of A1 versus A2 beta-casein: theory and current evidence

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