Steps To Get Rid Of Annoying Salespeople- Zayd’n Style!

Do you get tired of annoying salespeople constantly knocking at your door trying to sell you the “next big thing?”

Well, I have a solution for you! Anytime  you have that problem, you can rent my 7 year old Zayd’n!

He will make these type of problems go away quickly! Don’t believe me?? Check out the latest transcript between him and our latest annoying saleperson!

Knock Knock
Zayd’n (at the window) Hi, can I help you.
Salesperson (I can’t hear what he is saying but based on Zayd’ns answers) Is your parents home? (and something about who he is)
Zayd’n: My mom is here. Do you want to talk to her?
SP: Yes
Zayd’n- Mom an energy guy wants to talk to you.
Me- tell him I’m busy.
Zayd’n- My mom said she is busy
SP- (something like) I just want to talk to her, it will only take a minute.
Zayd’n- Mom he just wants to talk to you for a minute about energy.
Me- Zayd’n I’m busy!
Zayd’n- my Mom can’t talk right now, but I can. Sooooooo what are you selling, what do you want to talk about?
SP- ask your Mom is there another time to come back?
Zayd’n- (after asking me) my Mom said no…… but I’m available!
SP- (something like) okay thanks
Zayd’n- whatever you’re selling just leave it on the front porch… we’ll get it and get back with you. HEY, did you hear me? Leave it at the door!!!
I couldn’t help but laugh from the other room, but it worked!

So who wants to hire him??

If you can’t afford to hire him (or you live to far away), here are some things you can do to get rid of those annoying salespeople:

  1. Use direct language. Be very clear that you are not interested in the salesperson’s assistance. Remember that it is a salesperson’s job to persuade, so you must state firmly and definitively that you wish to be left alone.
    Avoid inviting body language. Being confronted with annoying salespeople face to face requires that you also provide non-verbal cues as to how you feel.
  2. Do not make eye contact, which may be seen as an invitation into a discussion. Instead, scan the surrounding area.
  3. Close your posture. Rather than face the salesperson, turn your body away. You may also cross your arms to signal that you are not open to interaction.
  4. Maintain a straight face. Smiling may provoke frustrating salespeople to intensify their sales efforts.
  5. Ask for the salesperson’s information. Tell the salesperson that you prefer to shop on your own, but that you will make contact if you decide you need assistance. Many annoying salespeople will be happy to know that they will still get credit if you do make a purchase.
  6. Report inappropriate behavior to a manager. When dealing with salespeople you find to be uncomfortably aggressive, it may be necessary to ask to speak to a supervisor in order to remedy the situation.

For more tips–>>

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  1. August 18, 2013

    this is hilarious!

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