12 Things You Should Do As A Parent For A Successful School Year

Another school year is here. I'm sharing several tips and things you should do as a parent for a successful school year. 

Another school year is here. I’m sharing several tips and things you should do as a parent for a successful school year. 

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12 Things You Should Do As A Parent For A Successful School Year

This past week the twins and I walked the halls of their high school for their second year. Last year they entered their new high school with anxiety and trepidation. As I watched them walk with confidence through the halls, I thought about all the things we went through last year to lead up to a successful first year of high school, and confidence to do well in the second year.

With a few tips and tricks under my belt, I’m sharing helpful information to help you and your kids have a successful school year.

And although this is only our second year with high schoolers, my Mom taught high school for many years, and all I know I learned from my Mom.


Middle School Must-Have Essentials

  1. Don’t skip out on meet-the-teacher-night. Not only is this a great way for your child to meet their teacher, get familiar with the classroom, and connect with their new classmates, this is also for you. This is an excellent time for you to meet your child’s teacher, learn the building, and connect with other parents. 
  2. Do a walk through with the kids before school starts. If your child is nervous about the first day of school, do a mock run with them. This is important if your child(ren) are going to middle school or high school. This will also help you ensure they can handle getting to the next class within 5 minutes. 
  3. Connect with other parents. As a new parent, meeting other parents who may have already been down this road, or familiar with the school, will give you great insider tips. Quite a few parents gave me tips on what teachers to request, what to avoid, and things my boys need to do. 
  4. Don’t buy supplies ahead of time. Unless you have received an accurate shopping list, don’t buy a ton of school supplies until you have received information from what the teacher(s) requires for each student. When my boys transitioned to middle school, we did not shop for supplies until after the school year started. We will do the same for high school.  Get printable lists for Back To School Essentials For Middle School
  5. Be involved in the school. Make it a habit to get involved from day one. Even if you work full-time, you can find ways to be present in your child’s education and the classroom. When I worked full-time, I would connect with teachers via email for updates on how my kids were doing. I would also look for ways to volunteer outside of the classroom (taking home things to staple, cut out, etc.). In the older grades, teachers may require assistance during study hours or to provide supplies. 
  6. Be involved at home. Check in with your child(ren) to see what homework they have, and see if they require help. Sit down with them once per week to go over their grades, upcoming tests and projects, and how they feel about school. 
  7. Learn the rules and follow them. Each school and classroom will have a protocol you and your child(ren) will need to follow. Make sure you follow them to the T. 
  8. Stay in your lane. Oh yes, when it comes to carpool, the safety guides do not play. Stay in your carpool lane and follow the directions. This is for everyone’s safety, and you avoid the risk of being on the bad side of the safety guide in charge (trust me, I’ve been there). 
  9.  Paperwork. At the beginning of the school year, there’s always a ton of paperwork to fill out. Be ready for it. Do all of the paperwork during orientation night if possible. When applicable, see if the paperwork is in a digital format, try using this method to save time and writer’s cramps. 
  10. Check their backpacks. This applies to every single grade. Always go through their backpacks, Friday folders, etc. to make sure you are not missing out on important announcements and homework. 
  11. Sign up for alerts, email, etc. Most schools are up-to-date with the current technology. To save paper and ensure you’re getting announcements, sign up for emails, text alerts, etc. 
  12. Finally, don’t stress the small stuff. As a new parent, you are not going to get everything right. Focus on what matters the most, your child’s education. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right amount of pencils, the right variety of glue, and bringing in several boxes of Kleenex.

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