Easy DIY Garage Makeover

Do you have a junky garage? Here's one simple way to clean up the clutter- Get tips on cleaning the garage- Easy DIY Garage Makeover

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Do you have a junky garage? Here's one simple way to clean up the clutter- Get tips on cleaning the garage- Easy DIY Garage Makeover

Easy DIY Garage Makeover

My garage and I have grown apart. Yes, we’ve been together for a quite awhile now, over 5-years, and along the way the garage has let itself go. Maybe it was a classic case of the eyes being much bigger than the square footage of my garage. I not sure how we got here but a much-needed Easy DIY Garage Makeover as sorely needed. But to be honest, it’s not the whole garage that’s the real problem. I have a work bench area that has seen better days. Over the years invariably it became the default dumping ground for just about everything: half-empty paint cans, an assortment of close-to-empty boxes of screws, nails and other odds and ends. There were a couple of sets of training wheels (my boys haven’t need training wheels in over 5-years!)

Do you have a junky garage? Here's one simple way to clean up the clutter- Get tips on cleaning the garage- Easy DIY Garage Makeover

And then there were the tools, an assemblage of standard household equipment without a proper place to call their own. It was a mess in need of some much-needed TLC. I found lots of tender loving care by using the Rubbermaid® FastTrack® Garage Organization System from The Home Depot. I couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was to get my grubby garage in good working order. I had my over cluttered disaster zone cleaned up and organized in just over two hours!

DIY Garage Makeover-13

Plus, the FastTrack® Garage Organization System, the FastTrack rails are quick and easy to install. I used the FastTrack® Garage Hardware Pack ($1.97)  and used the heavy-duty screws to attach the FastTrack system to the wall, then snapped the cover into place. It’s as easy as it comes because the shortest distance between clutter and clean is to keep it simple and the Rubbermaid® FastTrack® Garage Organization System does that. When I was finished, the trade-off was trading in clutter for workable space, and I bartered chaos for cleanliness and order. I used two 48″ FastTrack® Garage Hang Rails and a few FastTrack® Garage Utility Hooks to organize my trusty hammer, a drill and several other previously homeless items.

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Here’s how to put your Easy DIY Garage Makeover into effect:

Locate the problem. A big task is always made more manageable by breaking a project down into smaller task. By doing this I was able to concentrate on one section at time which allowed me to maintain greater focus on one area.

DIY Garage Makeover-2

Divide and conquer. I grabbed some trash bags and tossed out items I didn’t need. You have to be honest with yourself here and put on your grown up hat. Some of us are natural pack rats and horders-in-training. But I bit the bullet and tossed out a lot of stuff I just didn’t need. I even had a few multiple tools that I donated to charity.

DIY Garage Makeover-3

Plan. We’ve all heard the five Ps, right? Proper Planing Prevents Poor Performance. Planning it all out allows you to flesh out your vision and see it through to the end.

DIY Garage Makeover-4

Get the right tools and equipment. This is perhaps the most important part, because if you don’t have the right tools and equipment then what you have is a recipe for lots of frustration and an unavoidable disaster in the making.

DIY Garage Makeover-5

Execute. Now is the time to bring it all together. Don’t take any shortcuts and stick to the task at hand. My goal was to completely clean up and organize my work bench are in my garage. And I didn’t stop until I was finished.

DIY Garage Makeover-7

With the Rubbermaid FastTrack® you get:

  • Heavy steel construction for extra durability
  • Rail covers provide a clean, finished look
  • Holds up to 1,750 lbs
  • Plus, you get better utilization of the space in-between wall studs

DIY Garage Makeover-8

But its the price that’s right! At $9.97 per 48″ rail this was an easy project to tackle without a lot of money spent out-of-pocket, or an all day commitment. This Summer Garage Makeover was the easiest item to strike of my honey-do list.  Click here for more details http://cbi.as/41u2x.

I got everything at The Home Depot and that works for me because I like getting all of my honey-do material under one roof and The Home Depot always delivers.

Home Depot FastTrack

Do you have a garage that has seen better day? If so think the Rubbermaid® FastTrack® Garage Organization System from The Home Depot is the way to go. This is an easy way to clean your garage without a ton of hassle and time.

Do you have a junky garage? Here's one simple way to clean up the clutter- Get tips on cleaning the garage- Easy DIY Garage Makeover

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  1. My husband needs this in the worst way. He has really nice stuff in the garage, but it’s all sort of stored haphazardly.

  2. June 21, 2016

    We so need this! My husband has a work bench ad drawers – but he never puts anything away – it is a huge mess!!

  3. June 21, 2016

    I need to do this with the tool section of our basement! We don’t really have a garage but it could use a spruce up too.

  4. June 21, 2016

    Having a car geek means we have lots of stuff! So many tool boxes and three of everything. We do need some kind of organizing system for our wall.

  5. June 21, 2016

    Our garage is a mess and we have too much stuff. We really need to do this!

  6. Kathy
    June 22, 2016

    That’s a great idea. I need something like this for my husband once we find a house. He’s got a lot of tools, so this would be nice for him.

  7. June 22, 2016

    What a great garage make over!! Making sure your garage is organized and cleaned makes it safer too, as well as saving yourself time looking for things! Love this system!

  8. Ann Bacciaglia
    June 22, 2016

    I need to do this in my garage. I love how organized it looks. I will have to get the supplies i need.

  9. CourtneyLynne
    June 22, 2016

    Ooooooo this would be perfect for my garage!!!!! I will have to tell hubby about this! I’m sure he would love it!

  10. June 22, 2016

    We need to do this for my husband’s tool so they are not piling up on each other everywhere. Thanks for the idea.

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