Signs and Symptoms of Mild Autism

Signs and Symptoms of Mild Autism

Signs and Symptoms of Mild Autism

*I am just a Mom and these are based on my personal observation and research. You can read more about our Autism Journey and life with Autism here.

Asperger’s syndrome is a mild form of Autism. Sometimes mild Autism is also considered High Functioning Autism. The symptoms can sometimes be barely noticeable, and others might just see the individual as odd and quirky.

Signs and Symptoms of Mild Autism

Here are eight signs and symptoms of mild Autism to keep on your radar (if you’re trying to figure out if your child has Autism or want to know how you can help someone else).

Do keep in mind that this is called the Autism Spectrum for a reason. Each child is different and unique and will display some or none of the symptoms listed below.


  1. Eye Contact: Those with Asperger’s or mild Autism may either stare at you for long periods of time or they may avoid eye contact completely. Each case is different and depends on the individual.
  2. May have difficulty learning motor skills. You might notice that a person with Asperger’s walks funny or has trouble holding a spoon. These are motor skills that usually come easily to a normally functioning individual.
  3. They may dislike any changes in routine and may or may not throw a tantrum about it. That depends on the individual.
  4. They may only be interested in a few things or maybe just one thing and will have trouble focusing on anything else.
  5. They might talk a lot about themselves and not be aware as how to effectively listen.
  6. They will take things literally. If someone tries to make a joke or be sarcastic with them, they might not understand that it is a joke or that it is sarcasm, they will take it literally.
  7. May have a difficult time picking up on basic social cues.
  8. Strange movements or facial expressions.

Like I mentioned above, the spectrum is long and wide. Even within my own twins I notice similarities and quite a few differences. What may work for one twin, may not work for the other twin. I have learned that it’s definitely a trial and error to figuring out what works. Hopefully these tips will help you know what to look for when trying to figure out and soak up knowledge when it comes to Autism. Awareness is a big key, along with acceptance. There are many things you can do to help a family with children (or adults) on the spectrum. There are also several things we (Parents) wish you would know and learn about child(ren) with Autism.  

And if this is a new journey for you (bless you- here’s a hug), I have 10 books that I recommend for Parents to read when dealing with Autism.

What are some of the signs and symptoms you’ve noticed when it comes to dealing with mild Autism?

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  1. Jess
    August 12, 2014

    My son doesn’t have autism, but sometimes I find myself wondering!

  2. My husband has mild aspergers, it took him until he was an adult to get a diagnosis, my heart breaks for him that it took so long, but when he was growing up nobody really knew much about mild forms of autism and asperger’s

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