The Awesome Samsung Gear 2 Watch

The Awesome Samsung Gear 2 Watch

The Awesome Samsung Gear 2 Watch

My name is Zayd’n and I am writing this blog post about the new Samsung Gear 2 watch and it is awesome! This little slice of tech heaven is much more than meets the eye. You can use the watch as a remote control and it even has a voice response feature. Basically you can talk into the watch and it will send a message to another person.

And you can also play music on the watch too. And this why the Samsung Gear 2 watch is really really, really awesome!

I really want to check this baby out. So, let me use it for a week and if i like it i will keep it and write an excellent review. But if I don’t like it I will send it back.

Please respond back in a week. PLEASE!

Here are 5 things I like about the Samsung Gear 2 watch:

  1. It’s awesome and it looks cool.
  2. It’s a remote control watch.
  3. It has a calendar and it can tell weather.It’s portable. You don’t have to carry around a cell phone to talk to people. You can just use this awesome watch.
  4. I can store all my awesome songs and that’s what I’m talking about!
  5. It’s a really really really cool portable gadget and kids can take it to school.

The Samsung gear 2 watch can  get apps and it can watch videos. I like the coolest gadgets. I like nice things. I like swag and the Samsung gear 2 has a lot of swag.

So, help make my dream come true by providing me a Samsung Gear 2 watch!

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