The Bachelor Winter Games premieres this Tuesday, 2/13 on ABC. I’m sharing 8 things you want to know about Chris Harrison’s New show- The Bachelor Winter Games down below from our recent interview. The Bachelor Chris Harrison Interview

8 Things You Want To Know About Chris Harrison’s New Show The Bachelor Winter Games

 During the Black Panther press junket, we had the opportunity to screen the first episode of ABC’s The Bachelor Winter Games. Sitting down with Chris to dish about his new project was a lot of fun. He was ready to spill the tea, including sharing with us a few spoilers that you will see play out in Winter Games. He dived right into asking us what we thought about the first episode. He mentioned that when they started The Bachelor Winter Games, they had no clue what they were getting into, but they jumped in and created an awesome reality show. “We had this concept, and it was very loose, and it was fun for us because we’ve been doing the Bachelor and Bachelorette for 16 years, which I love and it’s my baby but if you’ve seen the show, we’ve been doing it for awhile, we got it down, we know what we’re doing.”

The Bachelor Chris Harrison


What is The Bachelor, Winter Games about?

25 bachelors and bachelorettes from around the world meet in the streets of Manchester, Vermont, for a grand celebration of unity and love on the premiere of the new highly anticipated four-episode series, “The Bachelor Winter Games,” beginning Tuesday, FEB. 13th from 8-10 pm EST. Throughout the run of “The Bachelor Winter Games,” fans can expect twists and turns on and off the ski mountain, as well as romance, heartbreak, love and, of course, roses. The bachelors and bachelorettes will participate in challenges from winter biathlon to ice dancing, with date cards being given to the winners of each challenge. Romantic dates will test the bachelors’ and bachelorettes’ perseverance in pursuing relationships with one another while faced with language barriers and cultural differences, including some amusing issues with intimacy. 

The surprising star of The Bachelor, Winter Games is Yuki

“So Yuki is going to be the biggest Star in America ever.  I’m just excited for everybody to get to know her and enjoy what we enjoy. And now we know why because when she was on, we have this bank of monitors in our Control Room and we all were just mesmerized by this girl.  We really are the most jaded people in the world and if we’re sitting there just obsessed, and we’re like screw everybody else.  Get Ben and Dean off camera.  Just, I just wanna see Yuki talk for days.  And so she was just fascinating. She was incredibly sweet, and yes, we had a Translator.  My guess I would say, there are 15 to 20 words that she legitimately knew in English, and then we had a Japanese Translator who helped us and helped Yuki.” 

Interview with Chris Harrison The Bachelor

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The message behind the Bachelor: Winter Games

“Let’s make this Global Celebration of Love.  OK, let’s define that and figure out what that means.  And so what we figured out was, The Bachelor is a phenomenon here obviously in the United States, and it’s one of the biggest franchises in the history of TV, and it has been for almost two decades.  But it’s actually huge around the world, and I’m not sure you guys know that, but a lot of people don’t know that from all corners of the world from Japan, China, Finland, Sweden, from Russia, the UK, and Australia and New Zealand and Canada.

And so, we have all these franchises around the world.  And so we thought how do we kind of open the door to that?  And how do you kind of take advantage of this huge phenomenon, not just in the States but around the world, so we thought, let’s bring out our Stars a la Bachelor’s Paradise.  But then let’s get Stars from around the world.  And so that’s what we did.  We kind of decided it would be this pseudo-Olympic Village where we’re gonna get the biggest Stars from around the world join the biggest Stars from our Show, bring them together, let them live in one house, let the mayhem ensue.  And then for some reason, let’s put these people on skies because most of them have never skied.”

Interview with Chris Harrison The Bachelor

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The Bachelor or The Bachelor Winter Games?

Chris shares with us that the “Bachelor Winter Games may be some of my favorite television we have ever produced.  It’s that good.  And I don’t know if anyone’s gonna see it.  It’s on against the Olympics.  It’s on against some tough competition.  It’s only a 2-week run.  But it’s one of those things; I would love to have good ratings. It was fun for us to be just really producing on the fly, coming up with great ideas and you see this stuff work, and the concept worked.”

He went on to say that the Bachelor and the Bachelorette will always be his babies, but “it’s changed my life on many levels so that’ll always be my favorite but this was fun, and I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.”

Medical check anyone?

This is a question all of us was dying to know. I mean, you sometimes wonder the type of people that sign up for shows like this– and then you see them kissing all over each other after five minutes of meeting. Plus, the obsessive crying, craziness that goes on during a reality show like this, you have to wonder, right? Chris reassured us that they do go through an extensive medical background check. “Look, let’s be honest.  There are some grey areas but let’s also be honest.  If I lock the doors right now, half of this room is crazy.  And when I say half, I mean 75%.  So it’s really numbers.”

You included?

Chris, “Oh 100%.  I’m driving the bus.” {the whole room cracks up laughing because we can all relate to this!}

Interview with Chris Harrison The Bachelor

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Will Chris Harrison ever be on the Bachelor as a contestant? 

 Chris: “I am a Bachelor, even The Bachelor.  I’m so bad at it at my normal private life; I can’t imagine putting that on television.  It seems like a horrible idea. In all seriousness, obviously, people ask that a lot.  I believe in the show, and I believe in love, and I had a wonderful marriage for many years. I have two great kids, and I have this finite amount of time with them before they’re off to college. I produced this show for so long, to be all of a sudden a contestant on it, I guess we’d call it, would be really weird.  It doesn’t make sense to me because I produce and when I’m hosting, I’m even producing and to be sitting on a date and thinking A, I know everyone in the room because I’ve worked with these people and raised them 15, 20 years and then on top of that. I’m worried about the lighting, and if we’re getting good content and where the scene’s going, and how do we end it.  And I’m like, this is not a good way to find love.”

Do you keep up with the contestants from the Bachelor?

Chris: “I do. A lot of them. Whether intended or not, I run into a lot of them, like I was at a concert last Monday and ran into Kristina Schulman and just ran into Graham Bunn who’s a DJ here in town. But a lot of them are my friends whether even back in the day, it’s Trista and Ryan are dear friends of mine, and Andrew Firestone is one of my closest friends. Bob Guiney, and even now Ben Higgins and I talk all the time, Kaitlyn and JoJo.”

Yeah, one of the weirdest things about this job is I’ve had 16 years of these people that have come into my life and that I’ve taken care of.  I’ve married some of them and watched them have babies and created these families with them and on the off-camera side. We’ve had deaths and divorces and love affairs and marriages.  We’ve kind of done it all, and that’s not even the Television Show.  And so yeah, we’re kind of a traveling band of Gypsies in this family that’s kind of stuck together, which is pretty special.  It’s neat.  I have some really good friends because of this Show.”

On bringing back old players

 Are there any Players from Seasons back that you have seen that you wish you could just put them together because you know they would be great for each other?

Chris: “Ooh, that’s a good question.  No. I’ve played Matchmaker to people, but I never thought you should meet this person from Season One or Season Two.  I’ve never crossed Shows.  They do that on their own.  I don’t know if you know about Bachelor Nation Bachelor Family, but they cross-pollinate a lot.  They go on these trips and Shows and that’s kind of where Bachelor in Paradise came from, the Summer Show because the Show is Bachelors and Bachelorettes would go to these reunions on their own.

And we thought that’s fantastic.  Let’s put that on television.  So we created Bachelor in Paradise, and that’s what it was, the best of the best coming together.  And it’s not always even Fan Favorites.  A lot of it is personal favorites of ours that someone that got overlooked, someone that we thought was really special that didn’t get the recognition, and they were just following one person they didn’t clique with and so they never got that shot.  And so we thought, let’s bring them back and give them another shot, so it’s fun to cast those Shows because you’re kind of creating couples playing Matchmaker as you’re heading into it.

When does The Bachelor Winter Games Air?

The first episode of The Bachelor Winter Games airs on ABC on 2/13 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST) with Episode 102 to air on 2/15(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST). 

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