The Great Bike Giveaway- A Chance To Win A Free Adaptive Bike! Must Submit By 5/12!

great bike giveaway

As a Parent of children with special needs, I know how important it is to want to expose our children to have as much normalcy as possible….. even if it takes assistance, special equipment, and wear and tear on our bodies to do it!

Many children struggle with riding a bike. One of my twins in particular- trying to get his motor skills and sensory processing to work in order to make him ride the bike has been tough the last few years. While he has not accomplished that goal as of yet…. we are still not giving up! The other twin- Ziah recently overcame this obstacle last summer and we were two proud parents 🙂

For our kids, having adaptive bikes can be the perfect thing to get them over this milestone. However, these type of special bikes can get expensive. But, if you’re in need of an adaptive bike for your special little-loved one you can hurry over to apply to get a FREE one!

The Great Bike Giveaway: Special Bikes for Special Kids will give adaptive bikes to kids and young adults who need them most!

Who: Friendship Circle 

What: Giveaway of 5 different kinds of Special Bikes for Special Kids!!

When: Submissions will be from April 15th – May 12th, 2013

YOU submit by choosing a bike. Once a submission is approved, you’ll get 50 friends and family to nominate you for entry (also April 15 – May 12th)

Winners will be chosen on May 13th!

Where: Visit the Great Bike Giveaway site

Why: Because every kid deserves to feel the wind in his or her hair and the freedom of riding a bike.

and the most important question…

HOW: It’s all there on the website. Choose a bike, submit, get friends to nominate you. Winners are chosen via a drawing. As well, there will be five Director’s Choice winners!

For more information, visit the Great Bike Giveaway site and pedal away!

Thanks to Bird House HQ for the information! {this is NOT a sponsored post, I am just sharing the information!} 

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