If you are heading to the great state of Texas soon, you’ll love to have this list of Things To Do In El Paso On A Girlfriends Getaway.  I’ve been on a few fun girlfriend getaways away with my friend Deb from Just Short Of Crazy.  We decided to up the fun by joining two more of our friends Chrysa from Thrifty Jinxy, and Liz from Eat Move Make. We spent a few days in the great state of Texas together exploring El Paso.  The result is a list of amazing fun things to do in El Paso.

Things To Do In El Paso On A Girlfriends Getaway are perfect for helping you plan your next weekend getaway! Tons of great culture and food to experience!

Things To Do In El Paso On A Girlfriends Getaway

Y’all know I’ve been spending a quite a bit of time in Texas lately, especially in the Dallas area. However, last year at a conference, the conversation between the four of us ladies was about collaborating on a different type of adventure. Sure, when you think of girlfriends getaways they include things like shopping, wine tours, spas, and food. But what about stepping outside the box and going on a totally different type of adventure? Sure, food is still going to be included (I mean, come on now!), but let’s scrap the spas and shopping. Instead of spas, let’s go on an adventure. Instead of shopping till you drop, let’s look back at the past and learn something new. When you put those things together, coupled with authentic foodie spots, warm weather, and a laid back environment, El Paso is where you want to plan your next girlfriend getaway. 

Where to stay:

Hotel Indigo El Paso TX

We were hosted at Hotel Indigo which is located in the downtown area. This is a very trendy, upscale hotel, with pleasant staff, and within walking distance of restaurants and nightlife. We stayed in one of their suites which featured two Queen beds, a separate lounge area with a desk, TV, and coffee area. The hotel also features their own restaurant, and if you’re too tired from a day full of adventure, room service is always a suitable option! 

San Jacinto Plaza El Paso TX

The hotel is within walking distance to the San Jacinto Plaza in the heart of downtown El Paso.

San Jacinto Plaza Alligators


“The alligators were the central attraction and thrived. At one time the pond contained as many as seven of the reptiles. Most visitors to the park would rest on the wall surrounding the pond and watch the alligators. The reptiles quickly became a staple of the El Paso Culture. The alligators were briefly returned to the plaza in 1972 only to be removed once again in 1974 at a cause of vandals. The pond was permanently removed shortly after. Many people still fondly refer to the plaza as “La Plaza de Los Lagartos,” or Alligator Plaza. Today, a fiberglass sculpture by nationally acclaimed local artist Luis Jiménez honors the original alligators.” {resource}

Authentic Mexican Food in El Paso

A few places to eat:

L&J Cafe in El Paso

For the foodies, El Paso delivers on authenticity. L&J Cafe is where you will find most of the locals for breakfast. This cafe opened up on the outskirts of town back in in 1927. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, heading to L&J Cafe is a great choice. I tried the Caldillo, which was tasty and filling. It’s a beef stew with hearty beef chunks, green chile strips and potatoes. It was served with a side of rice and beans. 

Best fine dining restaurants in El Paso

Cafe Central was my favorite restaurant stop while on our girlfriend getaway. It’s an upscale restaurant in downtown El Paso (within walking distance of our hotel). Established in 1918, this restaurant is not only fine dining at it’s best, but the food is 5-star along with every single type of wine you can imagine (the wine book was as thick as a telephone book). It was difficult to choose what I wanted to have for dinner. When you visit a restaurant for the first time, you want to pick the best selection they have. As the saying goes, that first impression is everything!Well, it’s safe to say I was satisfied with my choice of Rack of Colorado Lamb. Served with a side of creamy mashed potatoes, my lamb was cooked to perfection. Juicy and well-seasoned, I could have eaten several racks of lamb. 

Anson 11 offers a unique dining experience in downtown El Paso. On the lower level is their Bistro, which offers a casual dining experience. On the second level is where you will find a quieter scene, with an upscale, fine dining feel. Our waiter was not only funny but made sure we had a great experience. I tried the Scottish Salmon with wilted spinach and a Pinot Noir glaze. I’m a huge fan of Salmon and I was pleased with how it was cooked and seasoned.

Things to do:

Girlfriends Getaway ideas in El Paso Texas

Plaza Theater:  For a fun chick flick night out, viewing a current new release movie or a classic at the Plaza Theater is a great option.  This old school theater is sure to appeal to your vintage loving soul, while also being a simple and affordable way to spend an evening in this bustling border town. During our trip, we were able to check out The Illusionists Live From Broadway. It was a fun show, and if you’re the type that believes in illusions and magic, you will love this one! 


Girlfriends Getaway ideas in El Paso Texas

Visit local missions:  If you didn’t know, Texas was the home of many Missions.  In fact, one of the best things to do in El Paso is to learn more about the history and view the architecture of the Mission Trail in the area.  Being a border town, it has been home to many immigrants, and the missions have been perfect for helping along the way. Although this is a self-guided tour, we had two wonderful tour guides who took us around to the different points on the trail. We were not able to finish the entire trail (there’s so much to see and learn at each location), but I walked with learning so much about the three missions left in this area. {stay tuned for more on the Mission Trail!}

Lucchese Boot Factory

Pick out a pair of unique boots:  I’ve saved the BEST thing to do for a Girlfriends Getaway in El Paso for last! Texas is the land of cattle, and that means a good pair of boots is a must.  Not just traditional cowboy boots, but amazing, unique and custom-made boots that are functional and beautiful.  We had a tour of Lucchese Boots while in the area, and seeing not just the huge variety, but learning how they are made is a must.  Picking out your own fun pair of boots is perfect for really feeling like part of the culture, while still appealing to the girlfriend getaway rule book of shopping! [stay tuned for more on my experience here!}

Best boot makers in El Paso Texas

Another bootmaker in El Paso I have to mention is Rocketbusters located in the historic Union Plaza District of downtown El Paso. They don’t have a lot of fancy machines, nor are they a big company with many hands. Just a small staff of ten employees, with designer and owner Nevena Christi and her family running the show. Her work has been featured everywhere, including working the Vogue runway shows. Rocketbusters has about a six-month waiting list, filling about 6-8 orders per week. Nevena’s designs are seriously the coolest designs I’ve ever seen on a pair of boots. 

Best boot makers in El Paso Texas

{we were able to see a design she made from former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger}

I didn’t have a chance to check out these ideas listed below, but they are worth mentioning:

Go For A Hike in the Franklin Mountains State Park: Part of taking an adventurous getaway is spending time outdoors. This park hosts over 100 miles of trails, and it’s the perfect place for a hike, mountain biking, going for a run and just exploring the beautiful scenery El Paso has to offer. 

El Paso Museum Of Art:  This won’t disappoint you if you are a lover of the fine arts.  An evening at the museum is a great way to end your day after enjoying some local Tex-Mex and the world’s best margaritas!  Sip some wine, take in local and well-known art, and learn more about the city of El Paso.

El Paso Museum of History:  If you are looking for things to do in El Paso, this should definitely be on your list.  Learning about the history of this city, the role it plays in the history of Texas, and more is a must.  The great mixed culture of this city and the nearby military base play a huge role in the history of the city, and this will help you to find out more.

National Border Patrol Museum:  If you are interested in the role El Paso plays in the border and immigration issues in the US, this is a great free place to learn a few things.  Information and exhibits date back for to the birth of Texas as a state, and are full of information you won’t find anywhere else regarding the border patrol.

El Paso Zoo: If you enjoy checking out local zoo animals, this is a great place to spend a few hours or a day.  The El Paso Zoo has plenty to view and is a great place to visit in the Spring or Fall.  It’s great in the summer, but remember the heat in Texas can be tough, so you may want to do this in the early morning or late evening hours to stay cool.

There are tons of great things to do in El Paso when on a girlfriends getaway.  These are just the tip of the iceberg. Going next door to Old Mesilla is where you will find more foodie adventures, shopping, and even a few wineries. Checking out local attractions, learning more about the culture, and just enjoying some fantastic food, drinks, and relaxation are all part of traveling to this border town in West Texas.

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