This Is What Autism Looks Like…..

The comment that 50 cent made about one of his Twitter follower’s was….. ( I can’t even find a good word to use here….) but inappropriate. There has been major outrage (rightly so) about his comments in the Autism Community.

Holly Robinson Peete said it best in her reply to 50 cent’s tasteless comment….

Here is an insert, you can read the rest on her blog:

July 3, 2012

Dear 50 Cent,

Since last night my twitter timeline is flooded with tweets and retweets about a response you posted to someone who insulted you. When I read it my heart sank. I thought maybe your account had been hacked. No such luck. Granted, his comment was completely out of line but your retort: “i just saw your picture fool you look autistic”- was so so disappointing. I mean, that’s your comeback?? And you didn’t stop there. You went on to joke about not wanting “special ed kids” on your timeline. Seriously, THIS is how you use your platform of 8 million plus followers??…………… (read the rest here)

Finally, this is my son Rodney Peete. He has autism. So I guess this is what autistic looks like? He is in special ed. He loves rap music and is a HUGE fan of yours. He’s a tremendous kid. He has to deal with so much trying to fit in. This isn’t helping.


Holly Robinson Peete

Bravo Holly! Thank you for continuing to use your celebrity status to advocate not only for your son, but for every family dealing with the ups and downs of Autism on a daily basis.

Since then blogs, tweets, fb posts have popped up with everyone giving their opinions on 50 cent’s comment. He has since taken his comments off of Twitter, but still no public apology.

Many tweeters have tweeted him with the hashtag #thisiswhatautismlookslike

Yes 50, Autism doesn’t look “special”  contrary to your ignorant beliefs. And in my humble opinion, some one with the name 50 cent… well, well…….

This is what Autism looks like:

Ziah and Zion celebrating their 9th birthday with an Angry Bird Cake!

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