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Do you suffer from joint pain? Do you have pain in your knees or hips? I started to suffer from pain in my knees after giving birth. Here's my story and Tips on Dealing With Joint Pain

Tips on Dealing With Joint Pain

The year was 2002, the month of December, on the 16th day. I had just given birth to a set of handsome twin boys. As I laid in my hospital bed thinking about just how much my life was changing, my Doctor came to do a check-up. I reported everything seemed to be fine. As he finished checking me over, he asked me how my knees felt. 


They felt fine I said. I thought that was a weird question to ask, but pushed it to the back of my mind. I didn’t think about until a few months down the road. Whenever I bent my knees, I could feel pain. I thought it was weird, but make the connection with giving birth and knee pain together until after researching the internet and talking to my OBGYN. 

This may not happen to everyone, but many women share this same story. Shortly after giving birth, they experience pain in their legs, stiffness in joints and bones, and a host of other problems. I was able to find out that this issue is a real thing, even with its own name of PostPartum Arthralgia. 

Arthralgia is pain in one or more of your joints. The pain may be described as sharp, dull, stabbing, burning or throbbing, and may range in intensity from mild to severe. There are many causes of arthralgia, including injury, infection, arthritis, and other ailments. The most common cause is arthritis, which is inflammation of the joints. There are many different types of arthritis. {source}

Also in my research I found many women talking about this same issue online. Another possible answer is called Postpartum joint pain. 

Postpartum joint pain also has another more biochemical aspect to it as well as the aspect of one of modern medicine’s most mysterious conditions. There is a hormone that is secreted in the body called relaxin. This is a hormone that is secreted in both men and women. In men, this hormone increases the motility of sperm, making them more viable for fertilization. In women, the hormone does much more and is responsible for making some structural changes to the uterine muscles and bones – specifically to the cartilage called the pubic symphysis.Another aspect that can cause joint pains include the reduction in secretion of anti-inflammatory glucocorticoids, and the inflammation promoting hormone prolactin that is responsible for the creation of milk in the breast. {source}

Now, I am not a Doctor, so be sure to talk to your doctor about your particular symptoms and issues. You can also visit

When you have knee problems, hip, joint related issues, it can cause a lot of inference in your life. It may also limit you from playing with your kids, travel, or partake in a new adventure. There are days where I don’t want to move. I also travel a lot and the constant moving around, up and down stairs, hilly streets, etc., can bring on stabbing pain. 

A few years ago I thought about having surgery on my knees, but I got scared. I soon learned there are many other options besides surgery. I would recommend talking to your doctor or finding a physical in your area to discuss your knee or hip treatment options.

Regardless of how scared I feel about some of these options, I know I have to make some changes. I keep thinking, in a few years my knees just may give out on their own. Then what? 

Here are some tips I found helpful in managing the pain:

  • Take vitamins. Take extra vitamins, like Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Magnesium. 
  • Lose weight. Yes, if you are overweight, or have extra baggage, this is taking quite the toll on your knees. 
  • Exercise. Even if you are fit as a fiddle, walking a few times per week while help. 
  • If you are currently pregnant, be sure you stay active and exercise and hopefully avoid this problem. 
  • Be sure to stretch your knees out daily. 
  • Be sure to talk to your Doctor regularly about this issue, especially if it continues to get worse. 
  • You can also look into other natural ways to manage the pain. 

On one of our recent trips to California, we rented bikes and road a few miles. I’m not going to say how much my knees were killing me when I slowly got off that bike. See, I refuse to let knee pain stop me from living my life. 

California Adventure

We also rode on a family bike, with me and the hubs pedaling and wheeling the boys around! 

California Adventure

My family loves to be adventurous. On another recent vacation to the Jekyll Island, they wanted to bike the whole island. This is why I cannot have knee pain. I want to be able to keep up with boys, without stopping often because my knees are throbbing. This isn’t the type of life I want to live. 

Things to do at Jekyll Island for families

Keep in mind if you get to a point in your life where the pain is unbearable, you’re missing out on adventures because you are afraid to move, missing the kids’ games, no time for the grandkids, cooking, vacations, etc, etc., you will come to a fork in the road. Do I continue to go through life with this pain, or do I seek help and figure out the best treatment option for me?

Regardless of what option you decide to pick, it’s time to leave the sidelines and get back in the game. The game of life. We were not meant to sit on the side and cheer for everyone else! 

Is pain holding you back? You’re missed at the dinner table, so let’s figure this out and get your life back! 

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