TOP Need To Know Tips On Scoring the BEST Airfare Deals


TOP Need To Know Tips On Scoring the BEST Airfare Deals

Today I’m sharing travel tips that you may already know, but have always worked out in my favor when I follow them and stick to this guideline.

Top Need To Know Tips on Scoring the BEST Airfare Deal

Southwest Airlines is one of my favorite carriers to travel because of the NO BAGGAGE fee! This can be super important when you’re traveling with kids and you need a few suitcases filled with diapers, sippy cups and more! Or you’re like me and you like to shop and need some “extra room”.

Spirit Airlines usually have CHEAP tickets, but they “get” you in baggage fees, check-in fees, beverage fees and more. So if you find a super CHEAP ticket you’re going to get what you pay for- keep that in mind if you do plan to go with that cheaper route. The only way I would consider flying Spirit is IF I found a super cheap airfare deal (like their $23 rates to California), where I still come out cheaper after all of their fees!

Delta Airlines is another airline that I will travel. They do have a baggage fee, but I’ve lucked out a few times on their deals. Allegiance Airlines and Frontier Airlines are two other one in my area that I can find decent deals.

So let’s say you’re traveling from Michigan to Florida during Spring Break. If you always fly out of Detroit, consider nearby airports. Are you close to Grand Rapids or Flint? Sometimes you can find cheaper deals by seeking an alternative airport. Same thing flying into Orlando. Consider flying into Tampa. Some years I’ve found cheaper deals from flying to Tampa from Detroit.

Here are several  key things you should keep in mind when searching for the best air-deal:

  • Have a budget! Yes don’t just pay the full price for an airline ticket. We want stock up deals for airfare just as we do for food 😉
  • Search for deals in the middle of the week- Tuesday/Wednesday (experts say best day is Tuesday afternoon)
  • When/if possible, fly during the middle of the week. (so a Tuesday-Tuesday, etc)
  • Book your ticket one to three months in advance of your travel date. When you wait till the last-minute you will pay the higher prices that airlines are looking to charge business people (who don’t care what the cost is because it’s being paid for by the company)
  • Did you know that you should always clear your browser when going back to search for airfare deals? Yes, you can use any browser, but the cookies that were stored from your last search. This can trigger airlines that you’re looking for a specific location date and they may just raise the fare. Crazy, but true!
  • Look for airlines that do not have baggage fees attached (fees range from $25-$50 each way) . Airlines like Spirit may have low fares all the time, but they will nickel and dime you in baggage fees, seat fees, a la carte fees and so on. Southwest does not charge you for the first 2 bags checked per person.
  • Always shop around before purchasing your ticket. Once I find a great deal, I will head over to and they have a price indicator that will say rather the ticket is predicated to go, stay the same or go down.
  • I also started using a new travel site called skyscanner, and I absolutely love it! I love that I can look at a whole year of different deals at one time and pick the best time to travel based on the best deal.
  • Use sites like Travelzoo, cheapticketsexpediatravelocitypricelinehotwire to get for deals as well. And be sure to sign up for their newsletters AND get on the email list that are sent directly from the Airlines. I receive emails as least once per week from my choice of Airlines so I can stay alert on the best deals.
  • Be willing to look to fly out of other nearby airports. For my area, I look at Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids and sometimes Lansing.

Average price I pay for a round trip ticket from Detroit to Orlando is $120. My top price is $150. Just like with food, I have stock up prices for airfare. LOL I know that sounds funny. It made me chuckle when typing this out. But it’s the truth.

Have a budget of how much you are willing to pay for airfare. If you pay top deal for your airfare that cuts into your other travel budget expenses. Unless you just HAVE to go and pay that full price, shop around!

Favorite places and tips to look for tickets:

  • Going directly to the airline’s website is usually going to give you the BEST deal because it takes out the middle man.
  • Avoid buying your tickets in person or via phone since they may charge a booking fee.
  • I would also avoid using a travel agency unless you’re booking a package deal or a cruise where you need guidance and help (extra fees)

What are some of your favorite ways to save money on Airfare? Favorite tips? I would love to hear what you have to say! Leave a comment below!

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