Traveling Light {Light Bladder Leaks}

I share how I deal with my light bladder leaks while traveling. Plus sharing great places to travel around the US. Do you deal with light bladder leaks? I have solutions on how you can handle LBL while traveling.

I’m traveling light… I share how I deal with my light bladder leaks while traveling. Plus sharing great places to travel around the US. Do you deal with light bladder leaks? I have solutions on how you can handle LBL while traveling. I would like to thank Poise and Wal-Mart for sponsoring this post and helping us spread the word about Light Bladder Leaks!

I share how I deal with my light bladder leaks while traveling. Plus sharing great places to travel around the US. Do you deal with light bladder leaks? I have solutions on how you can handle LBL while traveling.

Traveling Light… {Light Bladder Leaks}

I travel quite a bit. Lately, I’ve been in and out of airports going to new destinations and experiencing some of my favorite places to go. With the frequent flyer miles, comes the frequent trips the bathroom. As I get older, so does my body. My knees throb with pain from time-to-time, constant migraines, lactose intolerance discoveries, and let’s not even talk about LBL! {LBL= Light Bladder Leaks}

See, that’s the thing. No one talks about their light bladder leaks.

But, come on, girls… we have them! Whether you’re a recent newcomer to LBL or a veteran, we all have a story to tell.  I believe in speaking openly about this issue, because #weakbladdersmatter! I recently wrote a post about how to handle those “oops” moments in your life!

Here’s my story. Three children and two deliveries later, I find little gushes of fluid coming out of me from time to time. And even with my daily kegel exercises, I still have small issues. When I’m laughing hard at a bad joke, my youngest is trying to tell, bloop, more little leaks.

However, I don’t light bladder leaks stop me from living my life. I love to travel and we stay on the go all the time. 

But, I LOVE it, and wouldn’t have it any other way. And, I refuse to let things like light bladder leaks slow down my life.When it comes down to it, live your laugh for YOU! Be bold, try new adventures, restaurants, and experiences. Never settle longing for something you can easily obtain. It will take hard work and grit, but’s doable.

Recently the hubs and I took our (first, in a long time) couples getaway. We had a blast in Sacramento and San Franciso. 

California is one of my favorite vacation destinations. Plan a couples getaway to Northern California with some of our ideas. We love to travel. However, grocery shopping and all of the tedious errands one has to do before and after the vacation is a time-suck. Read how I can save time with Google Express (and you can save time and money as well), plus highlights of our kid-free vacation to Sacramento and San Francisco California.

Some of the highlights of our trip was delicious Ghirardelli Ice-Cream, In-N-Out Burgers, and some of the best food San Francisco and Sacramento has to offer. While in Sacramento, it was recommended by the locals, tourists (and Google) to have breakfast at Bacon & Butter.

On our way to San Fran, we spent the afternoon in Napa Valley. We toured the Oxbow Public Market where Derrick tested out a flight of whiskey. They have several local shops with delicious smells waffling around the building. We headed to the Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin’ BBQ in downtown Napa for lunch. Their BBQ was smokin’ hot and delicious. We shared a platter of Brisket, Pulled Pork, Coleslaw and Rib Platter with a side of gooey Mac-n-Cheese.

Couples Getaway Idea in San Francisco


We spent a significant chunk of our afternoon down at the Wharf. While there, we went on a little adventure at Hyde St. Pier. Could you imagine doing all of this walking around and dealing with light bladder leak problems? This is why I love using Poise products to help stop the leaks and let me live my life!

San Francisco Getaway-38

Earlier in July, I had the pleasure of flying out to San Diego to check out the latest models from Kia. Again, with the hustle and bustle of the airports, constant moving around the San Diego area, I was thankful for my Poise Microliners to keep my light bladder leaks in check!

Planning a Southern California vacation? San Diego is a beautiful place for a vacation destination. Here are some of my top things to do in San Diego. Plus, learn about Kia's award-winning cars and the latest models.


Here are my few favorite things to do in San Diego:

San Diego: If you want to see what a real zoo looks like this is the place to go, this is my favorite zoo! Yes, once you have gone to the San Diego Zoo, there will be nothing else out there to compare.  Not only is it adjacent to the beautiful Balboa Park in downtown San Diego, but it is also world-famous for the number of animals, beautiful scenery and fantastic staff.

Balboa Park:  This destination has everything you want in a park.  Playground, botanical gardens, local museums, and of course fun food vendors and restaurants. Find more FREE things to do in San Diego.

Things To Do in San Diego KIA-10

Park and walk around Old Town San Diego. If you love seeing classic old cities with great architecture and culture, the Old Town area of San Diego is perfect for you.  Park and walk around the blocks of traditional buildings that have been maintained or restored.  Enjoy a nice meal at a classy restaurant or simply take photographs next to buildings that are centuries old.

We also stopped by Cabrillo, a National Monument. If you want a fantastic view of San Diego, this is the place to visit.

Kia Sedona Review San Diego

This is just a snippet of the traveling I’ve been doing this summer. And, as you can see, I didn’t have time for bladder leaks.

Here’s what I believe about LBL: don’t let your light bladder leaks stop you from traveling and living your dreams. I like using Poise’s products, specifically the microliners. They are thin and small enough to fit into my travel bag, but also provide the best protection. You can swing by your local Walmart to grab a few boxes for your next trip!  This is how you deal with your light bladder leak problems. 

Eight Ways To Handle Those {Oops} Moments


If you’ve been using other products to help feminine care and incontinence, I encourage you to try the Microliners. Life is meant to live, not always stop short of trying something new because you’re afraid of the leaks you will have to take care of later.

 What is Light Bladder Leak

NO, live your life! Just like airplanes were created to help you travel faster and more frequent (and comfortable), so are microliners. Products get created to make our life easier. This is how I’m traveling light. 

 What is Light Bladder Leak

You can join in on the conversation to discuss Poise Liners and Mom life with Amy Bellgardt, on Facebook Live August 30th at 7pm CST.

Grapevine Getaway

What’s your story? Are you a secret club member of LBL? It’s time to come out! There’s nothing to ashamed of, and from a Mom of three, I wear it as a badge of honor for birthing three babies! #weakbladdersmatter

Feel free to drop me a line below with your thoughts! I would love to hear from you!

Now, I’m off to my next adventure!


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