Here's a super cute Valentine Theme to do this year for your Valentine's Party- Owl Be Your Valentine Table Decor Idea

Valentine Table Decor Idea – Owl Be Your Valentine

Planning a Valentine’s Day party around kids soon? Here’s a cute Valentine Table Decor Idea and theme party. I found these super cute Owl plates at Target (check the $1 section).

I took this idea, combined it with other cute, Valentine-related trinkets and came up with the Owl Be Your Valentine Table Decor Idea.

Take a look:

Valentine Table Decor Idea - Owl Be Your Valentine


I used a plain white tablecloth (dollar store) to cover the table.

Next I added the pink Mesh (picked up from Hobby Lobby) that I’ve used on similar Valentine Table Sets (totally love to recycle!). I also added the pink feather boas (Again recycled from another project).

I decided to intertwine the pink feather boa with the fluffy garland. I found this at Target on clearance about a year ago. I love scoring deals from Target, especially the 70% off deals, and putting the decorations up for later. Honestly, that is the best way to save money on your table decorations or home decor and still pull off a FAB look.

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The centerpiece/runner of the table is where I always start. It’s always easier (to me at least) to work inside out. Starting with the center or the centerpiece of the table is always the highlight, focal point of the table. Everything else just compliments it. I decided to add some fun heart pink buckets ($3 bucks at Target) and throw some red (Dollar tree) hearts on a stick inside.

The red helps balance all of that pink ;)

I added White Milk Jugs with pink flowers at the end of each side of the table. I already had the milk jugs (scored on clearance a while back at Hobby Lobby of course), as well as the pink flowers (you can find some at Michael’s or any craft store). I added red heart tape strips (Dollar Section in Target)


The Best Valentine Party Decor Idea


Like I mentioned previously, I picked up the Owl plates from the Dollar Section in Target.

The heart be mine plates were found for $1 each at Michael’s in the clearance section.

I added napkins underneath ($1- Dollar Tree).

The winter glasses was something I picked up from Ikea about a year ago. I stuck colored straws (you can find these anywhere, but here are some cheap ones to score).


Owl Be Your Valentine Table Decor Idea

I added some fun valentine M&M candy in a small jar (picked these up at Hobby Lobby a while back) and tied a cute ribbon on top (found lying around the house).

As you can see, it’s always best to shop what’s in your house FIRST. Find ideas that you can convert into a pretty decoration, even if it’s only temporary. You will always save money if you like to make projects. I’m not a huge DIY girl, but I have learned to work with what I have and my comfortable skill set.

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Putting it all together, this is what we get- a super cute and fun Valentine Table Decor Idea!

I spent under $20 bucks putting this all together:

  • napkins- $1.00
  • 4 heart plates- $4.00 ($1.00 each)
  • Owl plates $4.00 ($1.00 each)
  • Pink Buckets  $6.00 ($3.00 each)
  • Garland- $2.98

= $18 bucks spent out of pocket on this project. Everything else I already had/reused from another project

Are you doing any decorating for Valentine’s Day? Need some party inspiration and/or ideas? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do to help ya!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


– Tatanisha