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Plan a fun weekend cookout party with friends. Get tips on what to serve, drink ideas, and entertainment ideas with a party game!

Plan a fun weekend cookout party with friends. Get tips on what to serve, drink ideas, and entertainment ideas with a party game! -How To Throw The Best Weekend Cookout Party

How To Throw The Best Weekend Cookout Party + Game Included

Summer is all about cookouts and partying with good friends and having a blast! But what happens when you mix good food, free-flowing cocktails and an unusually sneaky and outrageously fun game full of uncouth shenanigans and as many twists and turns as a bag of pretzels. Warning: this is anything but a typical run-of-the-mill game? The DEER LORD! game is a barrel of laughs right out of the box, but when you add delicious food and offerings from the well-stocked home bar, things get very interesting in short order. What is DEER LORD!? Glad you asked, DEER LORD! is a game which challenges players to use their wits, to be deceptively unassuming, and to get away with typically uncouth social injustices all while being as natural as humanly possible. For those outgoing “life of the party types,” this game will be just what the bartender ordered. But for those less cray cray inclined, you may need to order from the bartender because a bit of social lubrication goes a long way while players are elbow-deep in this politically unconventional game.

Weekend Party + Cookout Idea

 But let’s back up a bit because there is more to planning a good weekend cookout than just throwing something on the barbecue grill. Read on, and we’ll show how we took a weekend cookout and made it even better by entertaining our guests with the DEER LORD! party game.

DEER LORD Party Game Review

We started by inviting several friends over about two weeks before our cookout party. We also semi-selectively invited friends we felt would be a good fit as players for the DEER LORD! game. No sticks in the proverbial mud for this get together. 

Weekend Party + Cookout Idea

I put together a killa’ menu of good food and made sure my home bar was ready for the crowd of party game players. And you know what, everyone enjoyed themselves had an incredible time at our adult game party turnout. Here’s our menu below.

Weekend Party Food Ideas

The Grub

Brown + Coffee Rub Chicken Wings {recipe here}

Wild Rice Sprouts with Veggies + Chickpeas

Woodsmoked Garlic Smashed Potatoes with Pan-Fried Kale {recipe here}

Our Featured Homemade Cocktail

Hawaiian Lavender Lemon Drop Slushies


DEER LORD! party game

Weekend Party + Cookout Idea

Not too shabby. Now, after we cleared the plates and refreshed the drinks, we brought on the DEER LORD! party game. This is a game that’s all about pushing the envelope, being as sneaky as you want to be, and challenging and putting on your best poker face while trying your hardest to outwit your opponents for the chance to come out of the other side of this fun game crowned as the DEER LORD! WINNER!


DEER LORD Party Game Review

Do you think you have what it takes to beat all other challengers? Give it your best shot! But even if you don’t win, because even the losers, like myself, wound-up having a great time just the same. So, get your grubby lil’ hands on DEER LORD! ASAP!

DEER LORD Party Game Review

 Check out the DEER LORD! optics here

Did you know the DEER LORD! party game is available in two revised editions? You can pick up the “Broadway, ” and “Gangsta” expansion sets available at your local Target store.

Weekend Party + Cookout Idea

So, round up your fun bunch, cook up some amazing food. Turn up responsibly and play DEER LORD! I promise you won’t regret it!

Weekend Party + Cookout Idea

Patio Weekend Party Idea

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