Where’s The Christmas Presents?

Just wanted to share something funny that happened this evening at our crazy house-

This is hilarious! For the last few months when I ask Zayd’n what he wanted for Christmas he would say I just want a family, to be happy and good. And just one small present. I’m like okay. He would say it’s not about getting, but giving instead. I’m thinking wow this kid has really changed. So tonight when he came home he only saw one present underneath the tree. He started freaking out. Asking why he only had one present, where was the rest of the presents. I reminded him that Christmas was not about getting, but giving instead and that HE said he didn’t want anything but his family.

He goes, “when do you EVER listen to me?? I need more presents! What time does Target close?”

Oh we have been dying laughing at him! I said well.. I hope you believe in Santa (he has been saying he doesn’t really believe anymore)….. He seriously wanted me to go to Target to pick up more presents! I said what happened to not about getting, but giving? He said I still believe in them, but I like GETTING presents too!!! Oh man.. that kid! He’s in for a big surprise in the morning!


Merry Christmas!

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