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We love to travel, and these 11 Reasons You Should Travel are just the tip of the iceberg in our opinion. There are a multitude of reasons traveling is good for you and your family. From creating memories to resting and relaxing you need to hit the road on a regular basis. While many feel travel is an unnecessary expense, we feel just the opposite. It is a must for any individual to enjoy on a regular basis for their own sanity and health.

One thing I’ve learned when traveling here and there is staying healthy. I’ve had my share of sickness while traveling and it’s NO fun. Can you imagine laying in a hotel room, vomiting non-stop for several hours while everyone else gets to play in 80-degree weather? Yup, it’s no Bueno! When you’re traveling in different regions, weather, countries, etc, your immune system can take a hit if you’re not taking your daily dose of Vitamin C. I have been taking Nature Made® Vitamins for years. I have to take a daily iron supplement due to low iron, as well as a multi-vitamin and Vitamin C. I like using Nature Made® Vitamins because they are a trusted partner in making my life a little healthier. They care about our overall wellness and offer a variety of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to help support a healthy diet. Before I even step foot out of the house and to the airport, I make sure my vitamins are packed in my bag. Having a healthy immune system is important to me and my family. I want to stay healthy while I’m traveling and taking Vitamin C and other vitamins are crucial to a healthy immune system. 

11 Reasons You Should Travel

11 Reasons You Should Travel

1. Allows you to recharge physically and emotionally. Sometimes the act of simply getting outside those four walls will make a huge difference in how you feel both physically and emotionally. Travel makes you feel more alive and helps you to relax and let go of some of your daily stresses. Seriously, going away for a few days and getting a break from the regular daily life train is important. Even if you can only get away for a few days, do it! Sometimes, just a small break is all you need. 

2. A chance to meet new people and make new friends{ and reconnect with old friends}. New friends are an amazing part of travel. Whether it is the couple placed near you at dinner on the cruise ship, or the family you run into and ride rides with at an amusement park, many times travel brings new cherished friends. We’ve made many friends all over the place, and when we go to a location for a vacation, we take the time to connect with our friends. 

3. Educational and historical sites to see. There are so many wonderful locations you can visit that include both educational and historical sites. While you travel, you can learn without feeling like you are back in school studying for an exam. There have been many times we have pulled the boys out of to school. To me, traveling is educational. It’s important for our kids to learn about the rest of the world, and not just what’s in their backyard and local community. 

4. Great networking tool for your business. There are so many amazing ways to network your business when on the road. We love connecting with brands, businesses, and entertainment while on the road via social media for various opportunities to share with our readers.

5. Learn about different cultures. International travel is one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in a different culture. So many different areas and regions will teach you about walks of life you have only seen on television. It can be rewarding and humbling in turn.

6. Makes you appreciate home. There is nothing like being gone for several days or weeks to make you appreciate what you have at home. From the comfortable bed to your spouse and children, travel makes you remember why you love your home and what is in it. I will admit, as much as I love to travel, there is no place like home. I love going away for a bit, but I also love coming home. And, my WIFI always works better at home. 

11 Reasons You Should Travel

7. Change of climate during tough seasons. SAD is a real disorder that can be troublesome to many people during the dark and dreary winter months. Travel to nicer climates during the tough months can be a huge boost to help your mood.It can also be a great break from hot temperatures in the summer when you visit northern areas with cooler temperatures. This makes the hot summers or long winters a bit easier to bear. Living in Michigan, our winter months can be depressing. Not only do I love to travel to warmer temperatures during this time, but it’s also important to make sure I am getting my healthy dose of daily Vitamin C. I’ve learned to take my vitamins on a daily basis. Not only do they help one-up my immune system, but I want to stay healthy as possible. 

8. Recharge your marriage. We all get stuck in the daily grind of the same routine. Sometimes this takes a huge toll on our marriages and relationship. This is one of the best reasons you should travel, especially alone with your spouse. Getting out of the high-stress home environment can bring you back to the roots of your relationship. When Derrick and I traveled together a few times last year (without the kids), it was a great way for US to spend together. We used to travel before we had kids, and it reminded us of those days. Being able to spend time together without breaking up bickering between the boys, meltdowns, etc, allowed us to just focus on each other. 

9. Teaches your kids that downtime is important. We so often work constantly and give our kids the impression that life is all about the next dollar made. Travel is an excellent way to teach your children that memories and family are more important than work.

California Adventure

10. See different locations you may be happier living. Some of us love to travel to explore new locations that may be a better fit for our family as a future home. We often grow up and end up living in the same are we have always been without thought to locations across the globe that might suit us better. Travel gives you a chance to test out new places just in case a move would be a good choice for your family.

California Adventure

11. The food. I think I saved the best for last. Traveling allows you to try new foods and cuisine. We are foodies at heart, so it’s important to us to try new things when we travel. We have a rule that we never eat at a restaurant we have at home. We’ve done a great job over the years of sticking to this rule. Of course, when we’re on the road we will just stop at our favorite fast-food restaurant or breakfast spot. But 99% of the time we are always looking for new restaurants to try. When the boys were younger this rule was a little challenging. They wanted to eat the same thing at the same restaurants. But as they got used to traveling, this particular rule, and our encouragement of trying new things, they now love this idea! 

These are just a few of the reasons you should travel. We spend a lot of time on the road, and we feel strongly that it builds our family up and helps us to enjoy each other more day to day.

11 Reasons To Travel

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