If you’ve done much flying in the last 10+ years you know how much trouble it is to get from the airport doors to the actual gate for your flight. What you don’t often think of, are those other little things that might catch you off guard and cause you to be late for your flight. Here are 5 Mistakes That Could Make You Miss Your Flight like I have in the past. Not only do missed flights cost money you may or may not have, but they are also quite simply – a headache. At least, my personal experience means they do.
5 Mistakes That Could Make You Miss Your Flight


Take your sleeping medication before you board the flight. When you have a 2 hour wait after you get through security check points, it is not a good idea to pop that Ambien hoping you’ll sleep through your flight. You might in fact sleep through your flight leaving not just through the flight itself.

Have that one last martini with the girls. You’ll be blaming it on the alcohol for sure if that happens. You may be able to hold your liquor, but a slight buzz can also distract you and lead you to losing track of time. When you don’t know what time it is, you may just sit back and forget all about the quick departure. Or if you are particularly inebriated, fall asleep in an embarrassing upright position snoring loudly and not hearing the boarding call. This happened to me on a recent trip to Atlanta. I had a late dinner with a girlfriend of mine which included a few #drankydranks. Once I got to the airport, I lost track of time and sense of direction! I got to my gate a minute (literally) too late.

Start watching the latest season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Let’s face it. This show is amazing and addictive. Once the first scene comes on you are glued to your sofa until the last one is over. Netflixing can be a very difficult habit to stop. Netflixing on the eve of or day of a flight is not recommended.

Have a last minute romantic tryst with the hot guy in the bar. We won’t go into details, but airports + alcohol + loneliness can equal a missed flight. Getting caught up with flirting you may lose track of time, and your own standards. Chances are, if a man is hanging out in an airport bar hitting on random women has a few issues to work out. Some may be great guys and wonderful flings, but the bulk aren’t. And if he’s not the hot guy you just met in the bar, he could be your husband. Or your secret lover. Boyfriend, etc. You get that point. Sometimes.. a good hot tryst is worth missing a flight!

Volunteering for the body cavity search at check point. Just because you lost track of your favorite pair of underwear on your vacation doesn’t mean you should put yourself out there for a full cavity search. Try to look inconspicuous. Check your bags or make sure you don’t have anything in violation of the TSA guidelines. Avoid wearing t-shirts with racial slurs, terroristic threats or things like “I pack big guns” when flying.

Flying to your destination is a fun and great way to save time and often times money. Being careful to avoid these 5 mistakes that could make you miss your flight is pretty important too. It’s fine to have fun, check out things to help you relax and all, but don’t put your plans in jeopardy in the process. Plan ahead, set alarms and make sure to pay attention so you won’t be the person everyone is giving the side eye as you sob uncontrollably watching your flight depart without you.

Have you missed a flight in the past? Sure your experience with me. Or feel free to share a tip on mistakes to avoid when it comes to missing your flight!