5 Reasons Why Camping Is Fun

These 5 Reasons Why Camping Is Fun are perfect for you to think about any time of year.  Summer and fall camping are both great ways to spend time with your family on a budget friendly vacation.  Since we love camping with our sons, these reasons are actual things that keep us going year after year.

Going Camping can definitely be a great time. Here's 5 Reasons Why Camping Is Fun

5 Reasons Why Camping Is Fun

Campfire foods.  Classic camping means you’ll get to enjoy things like hot dogs, chips, S’Mores and even perhaps some fun dutch oven or cast iron cooked meals.  This can include bacon, biscuits and gravy for breakfast, or a yummy peach cobbler for dessert.  Campfire foods are fun to make, but also delicious to eat.  Especially with that smoky flavor added to things like hot dogs, chicken, burgers and more.

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Fewer electronic distractions.  Camping means you leave the television, video games and even your phone at home.  This gives you less contact with the outside world, and many more hours of playing games, talking, hunting for treasures on nature walks or even singing classic campfire songs together.  Remove the distractions and focus on each other as needed.

Learn life skills. Taking your kids camping gives you a chance to teach them how to properly make a campfire, gather wood and sticks as needed for said fire or even cook over open coals.  You can teach them about trapping small game, tracking animals in the woods, how to tell directions with and without a compass, as well as simple things like how to fish.

Sleeping bags and tents.  Need I say more?  Camping out is always fun when you have a tent, a few sleeping bags and pillows.  Whether you camp under the stars or in a tent the kids will have tons of fun setting up camp, picking their spot to sleep.

Get up close and personal with animals.  From seeing more birds, to being in areas with rabbits, raccoons, possums, deer or even snakes you can learn a lot more about wildlife when you go camping with your family.

These reasons why camping is fun are just the tip of the iceberg.  Spending time with your family camping will bring you closer and help you appreciate the comforts of home even more. And for ways to save on camping, be sure to read my tips on how you can do that!

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