Summertime means celebrating Independence Day, an important day in our nation’s history where we celebrate our freedom and being a land of endless opportunity! There are so many ways to celebrate Independence Day, and they include more than just lighting off fireworks. Look below at 50 ways to celebrate Independence Day so you can see how fun and easy it can be celebrating this holiday in the depth it deserves!

Try something new this 4th of July. Get creative with ways to celebrate this patriotic holiday. Find ideas on ways to celebrate Independence Day for the whole family!

50 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

1. Visit a local history museum and learn more about your town’s history. {quite a few museums are free. Google free ones in your area.}
2. Pay a visit to a local cemetery to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers. {my Dad + Mom are buried at a Veteran’s cemetery, and they place flags on each grave during Memorial + 4th of July seson}
3. Attend a local 4th of July parade.
4. Wear your most colorful 4th of July red, white, and blue swag!
5. Have a cookout with family and friends. Be sure to take the time to pause and give thanks for our freedom.
6. Have a bike parade in your neighborhood. Let the kids decorate their bikes with their 4th of July swag.
7. Take homemade cards to soldiers now living in nursing homes and hospitals.
8. Visit a national or state park near you. Enjoy the scenery and look for bald eagles!
9. Learn a patriotic song or sing one you already know such as America the Beautiful.
10. Head to the internet to look at important historical landmarks that symbolize our freedom.
11. Enjoy some sparklers with family and friends.
12. Head to a local fireworks display and watch all of the beautiful colors fly up in the sky!
13. Pack a picnic and head to the park with family and friends.
14. Take advantage of any parks or museums offering free admission this weekend.
15. Head to the beach for an afternoon of water, sand, and sun.
16. Make your own red, white, and blue mixed beverages. There are plenty of kid-friendly options to be found too! Try our popular red, white and blue mocktail. Or for the adults try our sweet star spangled vodka margarita!  Plus, this red, white and boom firecracker cocktail is pretty popular too! 
17. Make red, white, and blue food buffet full of themed snacks and side dishes. Here are a few ideas: Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream & Brownie Parfaits Red White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches #recipe Patriotic Snow Cones {easy & fun recipe}
18. Place your American flag out for all to see.
19. Now is also a great time to read up on the rules of displaying the American flag.
20. Interview a veteran who has fought for this country’s freedom.
21. Hold a horseshoe competition in the backyard for family and friends to enjoy this old pastime.
22. You can even pull out the ever so famous cornhole boards if you are so inclined!
23. Get patriotic colored window paint and decorate your vehicles.
24. Let kids turn their wagon into a fun patriotic float.
25. Be sure to put a little patriotic swag on your dog if he will allow it.
26. Listen to some inspirational speeches on freedom online.
27. Write a poem about what freedom means to you.
28. Go over examples of everyday freedoms with your children.
29. Let children ask any questions they might have about Independence Day.
30. Head to the library for child-friendly books about the 4th of July.
31. Enjoy a cozy bonfire with loved ones.
32. Tye dye your own red, white, and blue t-shirts and clothing items.
33. Attend any free concerts that might be happening in your area.
34. Join in on any 4th of July marathons that might be happening.
35. Make some homemade lemonade to enjoy during fireworks.
36. Add a streak of patriotic color to your hair. Temporary hair color is perfect for this and requires no commitment.
37. Watch for any 4th of July movies or specials in your local television listings {hello Independence Day!}. Be sure to tune into any you find.
38. Read up on Betsy Ross and her inspiration for the American Flag. You can find so much info via the internet!
39. Take a look at the different versions of the American flag via the internet. You might be amazed at how much it has changed.
40. Head to a local nature center to see what exhibits they have available.
41. Practice random acts of kindness on this day.
42. Pass out flags at a local homeless shelter.
43. Make homemade flags with your children using construction paper.
44. Take the time to mend any holes or rips your own flag might have.
45. Let kids create sidewalk flags with sidewalk chalk.
46. Head to a fireworks stand to get a few fireworks to try at home. {if you kids, use extra precaution} 
47. Attend any local fairs or festivities happening in your area.
48. Make a red, white, and blue inspired dessert.
49. Decorate your table in a patriotic theme. 
50. Go for a drive and let kids look for signs of the holiday! Colors, swag, signs, wreaths, etc. can all be found and pointed out.

You have so many options when it comes to celebrating Independence Day! Give these 50 ways to celebrate Independence Day a try and see how much fun it can be to flex your patriotic pride!

Try something new this 4th of July. Get creative with ways to celebrate this patriotic holiday. Find ideas on ways to celebrate Independence Day for the whole family!

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