Autism Awareness Day: Will You Light It Up Blue? {LIUB Ideas}

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Autism Awareness Day: Will You Light It Up Blue? {LIUB Ideas}

Today is April 2nd, 2016. To many this is just a regular day, a day after April 1st.

However for many like me and everyone that is supporting this cause, it’s a day to help spread awareness. Today is World Autism Awareness Day. It also signifies Light It Up Blue! 

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People are asked to wear blue, turn your porch lights to blue or show your support in some way with the color blue. I had my toes painted blue yesterday and will be wearing blue today! I also will be turning my porch light on this evening with a blue light bulb (you can pick one up at any home improvement store or order one here to keep on all month-long)

Did you know that Autism now affects 1 in 68?!! And those numbers were just recently released by the CDC. It’s scary to see how those numbers are closing in rapidly.

For those of you who may not be aware of what Autism is, here’s a brief summary (you can always go and do your comprehensive, extensive research later)

What is Autism?  Autism, (also know as ASD- Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a complex of neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.

When I think of Autism, I think of kids that are smart, brilliant, intelligent, of all races, both female and male that connects and communicates a little differently than you and me.

The cause of Autism is still unknown. Many have linked it back to vaccinations. Others see patterns steaming from our environment. And there is a big link to genetics.  When I look at my family genes, I can somewhat see where Autism could have been “passed down” to the boys. I don’t for certain, but I do see similarities.

The cure for Autism: Can love your child be the cure? Again, there is no known cure. However, many parents, Scientists, Doctors and others in the Medical field have seen significant improvement when the child’s diet has been changed. Eliminating things like Red Dye 40, Gluten, Dairy to name a few things Parents have done to help “regulate” their children’s system. Also increasing vitamins, including b-12 shots, Parents have noticed a great improvement. Then there are all the psychiatric aids. However, these are not “a cure”.

Do you plan to Light It Up Blue? If you need some ideas on ways to Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd:

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  1. Shawn
    April 2, 2014

    Very well said. I enjoy all of your blogs. This one as you know hits home.

    • April 2, 2014

      Thank you Shawn for taking time to check it out! Yes I do know– all though we experience Autism all year long! 🙂

  2. This is a great introduction to readers who don’t know much about Autism. Thanks!

    • April 2, 2014

      Thank you for taking time to read and spread awareness!

  3. Thanks for sharing the info. The more people know about it, the better they are to help.

    • April 10, 2014

      Thank you for taking time to read and spreading the word!

  4. April 2, 2014

    I am a special education teacher and I have two nephews with autism. I wore my Butterfly Autism Awareness shirt today and reminded my fellow teachers to wear blue to spread the awareness!

    • April 10, 2014

      Awesomeness! Thank you for sharing– and THANK YOU for what you do! Being a Special Ed Teacher is not easy!

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