Easter 2010!

Putting the final touches on the boy’s Easter baskets. Its a shame that Zayd’n wound up with the biggest basket.

Zayd’n was the first one up and as you can see he was very excited about finding out what the Easter Bunny left him.

Here are the boys descending the staircase and gathering up goodies along the way. Easter Sunday is slowly becoming Christmas in April.

Zion collecting Easter Eggs with a lot of goodies tucked away inside. It was so much fun watching them hunt for eggs and other surprises.

Zayd’n was relentless in his pursuit for his share of Easter Eggs. He kept saying, “The Easter Bunny was here, the Easter Bunny was here.”

Ziah got a few Easter Eggs but he was more interested in getting to the mother lode, the Easter Baskets.

Ziah got the moniker ‘Jelly Bean Thief’ for the day, he kept his little fingers in this bowl of sweets.

Getting the desserts ready while Derrick worked his magic in the kitchen.

Finishing touches and fresh cut flowers. They added a nice touch to the Easter/spring theme.

Derrick’s homemade macaroni and cheese was GREAT! I rank that up there with my Grandmother’s mac and cheese.

Broccoli and glazed yams…yummy. I’m thinking we should have one holiday per month…lol.

I love Derrick’s potato salad but the barbecue was pretty good too, especially the slab of ribs.

This strawberry punch turned out so well, I’ll definitely have to make this several more times this summer.

The family digging in, what are holidays and other special occasions without good friends and family?

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