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If you’re resolving to get healthier this year, I have 11 Effective Ways to Get Healthier in 2018 I’m sharing below! 

10 Effective Ways to Get Healthier in 2018

11 Effective Ways to Get Healthier in 2018

I don’t make resolutions. I don’t. But there’s one thing I’ve been putting off for a while, and it’s time to do something about it. My health. Being healthier is a big resolution for many people at the start of a new year. Seeing it as a “fresh start,” January is a great time to begin making your health a priority. I could list a dozen reasons why I need to be healthy, but none of that matters if I don’t do something about it, right? If you’re looking for ways to get healthier in 2018, I’m sharing what I plan to do! 

The following are 11 effective ways you can get healthier in 2018!

10 Effective Ways to Get Healthier in 2018

Take vitamins. This is my number one, useful tip on being healthier. Take your vitamins! 76 percent of U.S. adults take dietary supplements each year, according to a survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition. My iron is super low, and I take iron pills twice a day. There are days I do forget, so setting reminders on my phone is how I stay on track. I also take additional vitamins, such as vitamins made specifically for women, (including omega-3, B-12, Vitamin D and Vitamin C). Dietary supplements play a significant role in having good health. However, they are meant as supplements to, not substitutes for, other healthy habits.

10 Effective Ways to Get Healthier in 2018

Drink more water. With water making up over 70% of our bodies, you want to be sure you are replenishing it every single day. Dehydration can happen if you aren’t getting enough water, which can have a lot of unwanted symptoms. Shoot for drinking at least 64 ounces each day! Tip: I’m not a huge fan of drinking water out of the bottle. I’ve found I drink more water if I put it in a cup with a straw.

11 Effective Ways to Get Healthier in 2018

Try new recipes. I love food, but I know I can make better choices on what I consume. That saying “you are what you eat” is so true! Unhealthy eating can come as a result of being bored with your food choices. You may go for processed foods, or even take out, because it’s easier and something different. Grab a new healthy eating cookbook from a bookstore and mix things up in the kitchen to prevent the bad choices from boredom. You may find you like vegetables you didn’t before. I bought a new cookbook full of delicious and easy recipes. 

Go to bed earlier. Sleep is one thing that most of us don’t get enough of, and it’s vital to our overall health. However, if you aren’t letting your body sleep, there’s no way it can always be ready to perform at 100%. Sleep at least seven hours each night, and create a bedtime routine that is conducive to relaxing, peaceful sleep. I have an app on my phone that will remind me when it’s time to go to bed. I aim for 6-8 hours per night. 

Say “No” more often. It’s time to start putting yourself first. You should turn down any obligations that do not benefit you or your family in some way. Declining invitations or requests frees up your time for more important things, such as your loved ones and your health!

10 Effective Ways to Get Healthier in 2018

Practice self-care regularly. When you have a house, kids, spouse, job, and 1,000 other responsibilities, it can be easy to put yourself on the back burner. However, this can eventually wear you down, and even make you sick. It’s essential that you take some time out for yourself on a regular basis. This could mean a bubble bath every other night, or a weekly pedicure or massage. In 2018, I plan to get a massage at least once per month. I did it while on a girls trip this year, and it rejuvenated me. 

If you're resolving to get healthier next year, I have 11 Effective Ways to Get Healthier in 2018.

Walk more. The simple act of walking can help to speed up your metabolism, burn calories, and exercise your heart. If you aren’t currently active, walking is the entry point to a more active lifestyle. Park further from your home or office, and take the stairs rather than the elevator. Little changes that incorporate more movement will help your body in the long run.

Best Tips on Getting Healthier in 2018

Track your activity. If you need a little boost to get healthier in 2018, download a tracking app to your smartphone. This is an activity-tracking bracelet that counts your steps as well as tells you how well you sleep at night. Start a challenge among friends, or just yourself, to see how many steps you can fit into your day.

Change your diet. It is time to remove the bad things in your diet and start to make healthier choices. Do away with the sodas and fried or processed foods. Opt for water and juices, and more whole grains. The new year is a great time to start making small changes, one per week, to a healthier eating plan for yourself. To me, going on diets don’t work. You have to change your lifestyle in order to lose weight and keep it off! 

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Reduce your stress. Stress can have such a negative impact on your health. It’s vital that you address your anxieties and worries if you want to be healthier in 2018. Take a hard look at your life and recognize the causes of your stress. Work to remove those from your life, or at the least, lessen their effect on you.

Turn off the tech. We use so many gadgets in our everyday lives that you may not realize you are using them TOO much. Step away from the devices as much as possible next year, so you have time for other things. Use the time you would usually spend watching TV exercising or taking a relaxing bath. Get up from the computer and take a walk around your neighborhood for fresh air.

Best Tips on Getting Healthier in 2018

With several serious health conditions running on both sides of my family, making my health is a priority. Both of my parents died from serious health conditions, and I want to make sure I make great choices to live a healthy lifestyle and be a role model for my boys. Taking dietary supplements allows for me and my family to take a proactive role in our overall wellness and enhance our efforts to eat right and stay active. Before taking dietary supplements, it’s always a GREAT idea to talk to your doctor or healthcare practitioner on what dietary supplements are right for you! 

These effective tips should help you lead a healthier lifestyle in 2018. Be more mindful of the choices you make, and the actions you are taking in order to be healthy!

Get more tips on dietary supplements from the Council for Responsible Nutrition by visiting their website. 

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