14 Things You Should Do Before Going On A Road Trip + FREE Printable Checklist

Things you should know before going on a road trip printable

Road Trip anyone? We’re hitting the road this summer and sharing all the things you should do before going on a road trip, including a free printable road trip checklist. This is a sponsored post with K&N® Washable Air Filters.

FREE Printable Road Trip Checklist

14 Things You Should Do Before Going On A Road Trip + FREE Printable Checklist

Our family enjoys traveling, including hopping in the car for a fun road trip. For us, there is something special about being out on the open highway with the horizon spread out before our eyes. Personally, being out on the road speaks to the wanderer in me, the one who enjoys wide open spaces and craves adventure. And there is nothing like roaming as a family, enjoying the landscape as we roll on by taking in unfamiliar terrain. Hanging with my tribe and enjoying new experiences together, taking a kazillion photos, and finding the best foodie spots is something we love to do as a family.

Road Trip Essentials

But before we embark on a road trip, there are a few things we need to check to make sure our vehicle is roadworthy. Things like having a full tank of gas and proper tire pressure are a given, or at least they should be, right? But there are additional items you’ll need to check. We are giving our SUV a thorough inspection from the tire treads to inspecting the cleanliness of the high-flow air filter. We are covering all the bases. So, if you and your family are planning a road trip this summer check off the items on our list. Doing so will give you and your family the peace of mind you’ll need to enjoy our summer road trip.

Why a clean air filter matters

Why a clean air filter matters

Let’s start with air filters. Did you know that a dirty air filter can affect your engine’s horsepower and acceleration? It’s true. A dirty air filter can prevent your engine from performing at its best. K&N® Washable Engine Air FiltersTM features a multi-layered cotton gauze media, and they are washable and reusable. And reusable air filters mean a cleaner environment and less waste in our landfills. But the selling point for me is how low-maintenance K&N filters are. Between the initial installation and the first cleaning, a K&N air filter won’t need to be cleaned t for at least 50,000 miles (under normal driving conditions). That’s impressive, but here’s what’s even more impressive…you can clean it over and over. A single K&N air filter is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your car. For more visit knfilters.com

The Best Road Trip Checklist

Things you should check before getting on the road

1. Check Air Filter. Checking your car’s air filter is one of the easiest maintenance checks you can perform to ensure the engine is providing peak horsepower and acceleration. K&N cotton High-Flow air filters reduce air filter restriction and allow the engine to breathe easier than traditional paper, disposable air filters. Plus, K&N filters are washable, reusable, and are a lifetime product which provides great value. This is also a great way to save money by using a reusable air filter, so give K&N Filters a try. Check out K&N’s new washable Home Air Filters with our exclusive discount code, DTW20.

The Reusable Air Filters

2. Inspect Tire Pressure, Tire Tread Depth, & Rotate Tires (Spare Tire Anyone?). Your car’s tires are one of your greatest assets and keeping your tires in good working order can help maintain and improve gas mileage, stopping ability, and enjoying a smooth ride. Also, check the condition of your spare tire. Check to see if it is where it is supposed to be, is properly inflated. Also, check for all of the tools you may need to change a tire.  A lug wrench with socket and pry bar, a tire jack, and tire gauge.

3. Check Spark Plugs. Misfiring or are weak spark plugs can have disastrous effects on your pistons and can lead to costly repairs if not corrected.

The Car Travel Checklist

4. Check Brakes. Bad brakes not only affect your car’s ability to stop safely in an environment of conditions but improperly serviced brakes can affect your tires, suspension, calipers, and rotors. Some signs of bad brakes include smoke, squealing, and increased stopping time.

5. Check All Lights. Check turn signals, hazard lights, as well as headlights, will guarantee other drivers see you on the road. Plus, a police officer can write you a ticket if you are driving with lights in poor working condition.

6. Check Wipers & Wiper Fluid. Being able to see in inclement conditions is important and way to ensure your ability to see in rain showers is to make sure your windshield wiper is working, and the blades are in good condition. And having lots of wiper fluid helps keeps the windshield clean.

7. Check Battery. A weak car battery can determine if your car starts or not. And when you are on a road trip, nobody wants to get stranded. Check your battery or have a mechanic service it for you, and if necessary, replace your old or weak battery with a new one.

How To Make A Road Trip Checklist

8. Check Coolant Levels. Improper coolant levels can affect your car’s ability to keep cool and not overheat. Low coolant levels can stress your engine and decrease the lifespan of your oil. Maintaining proper coolant levels can go a long way in prevention engine corrosion and sludge build-up.

9. Make Sure Tags, Driver’s License, Registration, & Insurance Coverage Are Up To Date. Sounds like a no-brainer but even easy stuff can get overlooked when are planning for a road trip. Make sure all of your essential paperwork like tags, driver’s license, registration, and insurance coverage paperwork is up to date.

10. Make Sure You Have A Good Data Plan. If you plan to use your phone as a GPS, hot-spot, or stream movies or live shows while on the road, having a good data plan will be important. Some cell phone companies offer separate data plans on a one-time or monthly basis.

11. First Aid & Emergency Road Kit (Compass/Maps). Although no one plans for bad things to happen, it’s important to be prepared with the right equipment when disaster strikes. Having a well-stocked first aid kit is vital. An emergency road kit should contain items like flares, a blanket, and other important items. Also, do you know how to read a map? Having a functioning GPS is nice, but what happens when, for some reason, it stops working?  Having a map and knowing how to read it can save the day.

12. Snacks. A nice supply of snacks can be a lifesaver, it gets hungry out there on the road and having enough water, and snacks are important. Pack foods that travel well too like granola bars, trail mix, etc. Be sure to pack extra bottles of water.

13. Recharging Devices, Batteries & Roadtrip Entertainment. YES. YES. And YES! In this world of cell phones and tons of electronic gadgets, make sure you have enough chargers and changing devices to keep everything running smoothly.  And books, magazines, and movies go a long way of keeping the easily bored entertained.

14. Cash. Keeping a bit of cash comes in handy for unforeseen tolls, and having cash helps you avoid using those costly ATMs on the road.

The Best Car Air Filters

To help you stay organized and not overwhelmed with this checklist, we have a free Road Trip Checklist printable of things you should do before a road trip down below. You can use this free printable to help you stay on task, with space to add additional reminders.

FREE printable road trip checklist

Road trips are a highlight of our summer adventures. However, making sure our SUV is road ready is number one on our list, ensuring our summer memories happen without any glitches. With a new K&N air filter, we’re prepared to hit the road for summer fun!

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Do you have any summer adventures planned? Drop a line below and let us know. And be sure to learn more about K&N Filters, as well as try one using our exclusive discount code, DTW20.

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