My Mom passed away in 2014. This is my first open letter to her on the blog. I guess it took a few years to get to a place where I could share, but on her 71st Birthday, I penned a letter to my mom. 

A Letter To My Mom On Her 71st Birthday

A Letter To My Mom On Her 71st Birthday:

Dear Mom,
Today, we celebrate your 71st birthday. If you were still here, you would have called us several times and sending us a birthday list (several times) of everything you wanted. Hm, maybe that’s where Zayd’n gets the list request idea from–??
But I’m sure; whatever you put on your list, you would have received. You were big into celebrating birthdays, holidays, weddings, babies, graduations, anniversaries, and the list goes on and on.
Right now (as part of a year-end reflection) I’m trying to figure out who my super, loyal fan is on my blog. I took a drive tonight and then it hit me.
You were.
You were always my number one fan.
A Letter To My Mom On Her 71st Birthday
When I first started blogging and holding coupon classes, you were always there. You said you didn’t plan on couponing and would raid my stockpile, but you showed up to every class. You told people about it. You made sure people showed up. You didn’t understand how a blog worked, but you told people about that as well.
A Letter To My Mom On Her 71st Birthday
Every accomplishment, regardless of how small it was- you made it seem like a big deal. Every Mother’s Day tea, Kindergarten graduation, musical, dance class, and whatever else the kids invited you guys up for, you were both there. Grandfather may have grumbled a bit about “all this foolishness,” but you could see a little smile come across his face. You would have even made the trip up here to attend Goku’s burial service. That’s how dedicated you were as “Gammy.”
A Letter To My Mom On Her 71st Birthday
A Letter To My Mom On Her 71st Birthday
When Tonnie and Anissa’s barbies got married, you supported that. We had a big wedding at our house, and you insisted the photographer from across the street rush over and take photos of a Barbie wedding!
Before cell phones, having a second line in your house meant you were cool. You put in a line for Tammy. (But she may have needed it. She would hog up the main line, and no one else could use it. So thanks, because other people’s social lives mattered! lol)
Summers were spent traveling and going places. You were always on the go. And this is why we all have the travel bug.
Today, December 29th, 2017, you would be proud of how much we have grown and the accomplishments we have made. And although you would have put up a fuss about Hudson moving to New York; you would be proud and sharing with everyone about all of his accomplishments.
And oh, you would be shouting it from the mountains about Tammy’s new job. I guess that’s as close as you’re going to get to her being associated with teaching. 
A Letter To My Mom On Her 71st Birthday
You were so proud of all of your children and grandchildren. Whenever I would meet someone, they would say, “Oh, I know you. Your mom talks about you guys all the time. She is so proud of you.”
A Letter To My Mom On Her 71st Birthday
Although you are gone from here, we will do our best to continue to make you proud.
Did you make your famous chocolate cake? That’s one thing I wish I would have asked you to write down. I’ve tried a few variations, but it doesn’t taste like YOUR cake. I’ll keep trying…
You always said, “you’re going to miss me when I’m gone.”
Once again, Mom, you are right.
Happy Birthday, Mom. 
Hopefully, Daddy sang happy birthday to you and you guys are having a big ole’ grand party together with all of your friends in heaven.
P.S. Zayd’n is a little sad that he can’t call the old lady on her birthday.
P.S.S. Save me a piece of cake.